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August Empties

Hi Everyone! It feels like ages since I last posted and actually; it was. The June empties was my last post. I only had one empty in July so I’ve saved it for a bigger post this month.
I’ve also cancelled my Glossyboxes as I mentioned a few posts back so I’m starting to think about new content as I won’t have that standard monthly post to fall back on. I think it will be good for me though as I’m actually having to put some more thought and effort into the products I purchase, which will make them much more interesting to talk about.

Anyway, there’s a few empties I’m talking about this month, click through for the full post.


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June Glossybox ’17

So June’s Glossybox arrived a week or so ago and once again I’m not very impressed. That’s three duds in a row now and I have a ‘three strikes you’re out’ policy with these things so I’ve cancelled my subscription and July will be the last box.
That being said I realised I may as well explain to others what the issues are with some of these products rather than just get cross and refuse to even blog them. So without further ado, the June Glossybox…

June Glossybox '17

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May Empties

Hi Everyone,
I’ve had a little break from blogging. My last three Glossyboxes have been so rubbish I just haven’t even wanted to discuss them and life has been a little manic. Since my last post I’ve been to Mexico for two weeks, Rome, Belgium and I’m currently crazy-busy at work.
However I also have a huge backlog of products I’ve finished off and some are wonderful so I really wanted to put them up.


May empties

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