¡Hola Cuba! (Part 1 – dolphins!)

In May this year I took a trip with some friends to Cuba for two weeks. I’ve been home long enough now that I’m starting to look at the pictures and wonder ‘Was I ever really there?’ so let me indulge myself and share those pictures with you…

(I started writing this post as one whole huge piece but it was ridiculously long so I’ll be breaking it up into some of my best bits)

The journey out was less than ideal as we were delayed and then split up on the plane. I also found myself surrounded by screaming children, however a very nice couple were seated right next to me and we settled down with wry smiles wondering if we could survive the next 10 hours. Sure enough the end came eventually and we arrived in Cuba to pouring rain and stormy skies, our guide assured us it would be gone by morning and we made it to our hotel in time for a late dinner and a few drinks then bed.

The next morning we were up bright and early and after a light breakfast made our way to the beach.

Yep. Just take that view in. It was a wonderful 2 weeks. Our hotel was in Playa Pesquero, which is at the opposite end of the island to Havana so unfortunately we didn’t make it that far but there was plenty of adventuring!

Our first trip was a day out on a catamaran, snorkeling on the reef and then a swim with dolphins followed by a lobster lunch.

Just blue everywhere, as far as the eye could see.

The snorkeling was great, so many fish, in all sizes and shapes. I saw a lobster tucked behind a few rocks but poking his head out to see what all these noisy people were doing disturbing him; and starfish and sea urchins that our guide brought up for us to hold.

Next stop was the dolphins though and I know you’re excited for that.


They were pretty affectionate

And they thought I was hilarious

But the best part came when we got our trick on, check this out:

It took me right back to cheerleading at Uni, those dolphins were some of the best bases I’ve ever seen.

(And such jokers too)

After all that swimming we worked up a bit of an appetite so our new friends excused themselves for a bit of fish and we took ourselves inside for our lobster lunch. Yummmm.

If I’m honest I don’t think I really needed chips and paella on the side but they both went nicely with the buttery garlicky sauce we drizzled over the top.

Stay tuned for part 2!



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