¡Hola Cuba! (part 2)

We spent a couple of days hanging out on the beach or by the pool working on our tans.
However before long we had to get out and about and see a bit more of the island.

We signed up for an activity day with off road 4x4s, horse riding, speed boat driving and a visit to the site where Christopher Columbus first set foot on the island.
One of the great things about May in Cuba is that it’s the quiet season, so we were the only four people on our trip.

The morning began with a trip to the bay for a zip around the mangroves in our own little speedboats. It was a lot of fun but those babies were hard to control!

We then stopped off at a local farmers house for a traditional spread and the finest coffee I’ve ever tasted – I don’t even drink coffee at home.
We were treated to cassava bread, fresh homegrown fruits, honey and peanut brittle, guava jelly, sugar concentrate and home brewed rum (i.e. moonshine). It was about 10am but we didn’t want to offend so we shotted that rum like the troopers we are.

I was so busy trying all the new things I didn’t even take any pictures, but I did find time to take one of their cute little piglets. I hope that makes up for it!

After filling our bellies we took off in our little jeeps for our goal. The top of this mountain!

After splashing our way through a few rivers we started the climb proper.

And finally made it to the top.


It was a really long way down.

No rest for us though. Our action packed day wasn’t over yet and next on the agenda was horse riding.

The horses took us along a beautiful shoreline path with views across the bay, it was a beautiful day and the horses seemed just as happy to wander along as we did.

(Caramello my very relaxed horse)

All that sun made for very thirsty girls but fortunately there were delicious fresh coconuts waiting for us on our return.

The day had one more treat in store for us, which was a traditional performance by at the site where Christopher Columbus first set foot in Cuba. We watched a traditional story of a couple from separate tribes who wanted their fathers’ permission to marry.

And then we met the cast.

It was such a beautiful setting, I can understand why ol’ Columbus called it

“The most beautiful land I have ever seen”.


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