A day at the races

As you may have guessed from my previous post, last Friday I got all dressed up and went off to a day at the races for Royal Ascot. I love Ascot, it’s a wonderful chance to get all dolled up and buy a fabulous hat that you may never wear again (!) but for that one day you need it. The outfit just wouldn’t be the same without it
Saddle up and come share the day with racing 1

I went shopping in town this year a few weeks before the big day but couldn’t find anything. Everything I liked came in sizes that were all wrong, and everything that fitted wasn’t good on my short frame. After giving up and taking ourselves to Wagamamas for a cheer up katsu curry I decided to try my luck online.

I ordered 5 dresses from ASOS but only fell in love with one of them.
This baby from Karen Millen, which I had to order specially as ASOS didn’t have quite the right size.

karen millen dress 1









My fascinator is from Debenhams and can be found here
fascinator 1










We were very lucky and had wonderful weather all day. The umbrellas did start popping up around us but only to keep the sun off! At times I felt sorry for the boys in their suits, at least us girlies could wear easy breezy dresses, I’d better show you the full shebang hadn’t I?

This would have been such a lovely picture if I hadn’t insisted on closing my eyes just as it was taken. Let’s try again.


Much better.

We got there early to soak up the atmosphere, the rays and pick some prime picnic tables near the front. Once we staked our claim it was time to pop open the bubbly and start enjoying ourselves!


I also found the most amazing little flowers to sit in the bottom of our drinks. They’re hibiscus and edible and come in a raspberry and rhubarb syrup, so are essentially just a very fancy Kir Royale.


(And here’s me trying to get that shot)DSC_1003

Her Majesty the Queen stopped by around 2 o’clock with Prince Philip to kick off the racing in a very fetching pink number.


I was pretty sad the Cambridges didn’t make it, but then I met a new friend who had brought along a Kate mask! It’s almost like she was there and wearing my dress…

Me as Kate

(I love how the fascinator sits perfectly)

The racing got underway and I placed a few little flutters, sadly I didn’t win anything but that probably had a lot to do with the fact that I just picked the horses whose names I thought sounded the best.


It was a truly lovely day with some great friends. I can’t wait to do it all over again next year!





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