Scrummy Oreo Popcorn


Mmmmm, looks good right? Well this is possibly the easiest treat for a Girls Night In you can possibly make. No baking required! Follow me in and see how it’s done.


All you need for this one are three simple ingredients:

  • Popcorn kernels
  • A Pack of Oreo cookies
  • White chocolate (I’ve used milky bar but any will do)


To start, coat the bottom of a pan with a little oil (you will need this to stop the popcorn sticking or burning) and then pour in your kernels. Add as much as you like, depending on the number of guests and give a little stir to coat everything in oil.

Make sure you use a pan with a well fitting lid!

Set the pan on a low heat, giving it a little shake every now and then. It will take a while to get to prime popping temperature but don’t be tempted to crank up the heat as your popcorn will burn. Trust me when I say burnt popcorn is one of the least pleasant and saddest smells to fill your kitchen with.


Whilst you’re waiting you can get on with smashing up your biscuits. I tried doing it in the packet at first so I wouldn’t make any mess but I got a bit carried away and they all came flying out the end. I would advise you empty them into a bowl so you can macerate in safety.



You want to pulverise the Oreos up into into the smallest pieces you can. The picture above shows you what will do but if you want to go smaller then do!


Any bigger pieces like this won’t stick to the popcorn so try not to have too many.

Are you keeping an eye on your popcorn? It should be merrily popping and pinging away by now. The good thing about popcorn is it makes it very difficult for you to forget it. It’s constantly in the background crying “look at meeeeeee!”


Once it looks like this, take it off the heat and empty into a large bowl. Allow it to sit and cool for a few minutes while you sort the chocolate.


Empty your milky bar (or any other brand of white choc) into a microwave proof bowl and microwave for a minute in 10-20 second blasts. I always microwave my chocolate to melt it but you have to be very careful not to go too far. You want a nice runny consistency that will drizzle well over your popcorn (see below).



Drizzle a little bit of your chocolate over the popcorn and sprinkle some of the smushed Oreos on top.


Then get your hands in there and turn it all over. You want to bring the stuff at the bottom to the top so you can drizzle more chocolate and sprinkle more Oreo pieces. Keep doing this until all your popcorn is covered in all your toppings.

And there you have it!
Ready to eat as soon as your friends arrive
(I won’t tell any one about those pieces you snuck just then – your secret’s safe with me)


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