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Birchbox UK Review – September

Massive apologies for the delay in writing this – it’s not even September anymore but my Birchbox came late this month, plus I had birthday celebrations to contend with.


It’s here now and better late than never right? Want to see what I got? Want to see what I thought of your favourite product?
For all things September Birchbox click through!

My first thought is that I like what they’re doing with moving to different box designs every month, I was getting so bored with month after month of plain brown boxes, this keeps it interesting which is nice.


Let’s open her up shall we?



There you are.
I was very happy to see this month’s goodies. A few months back when Birchbox teased the beauty blender I desperately hoped I might get one and I was very sad when I opened the bag and there wasn’t either of the spoilered products in my box that month. This month made up for that 🙂

Let’s lay them out so we can see properly.


I was pretty happy with the look of it, although I hate pineapple so that was one useless sample for me right there. I see some people got strawberries in their boxes which would have been wonderful but the people at Birchbox didn’t know about my huge aversion to pineapple – it’s not their fault, no hard feelings Birchbox.

The first sample I tried was Benefit‘s ‘It’s potent’ eye cream and I love it! There is enough in the sample to keep you going for a few weeks if you use it before bed every night and it leaves my skin feeling hydrated and pampered but not greasy. It soaks right in. I’ve taken to putting a little bit on my forehead every now and then too as I’m convinced it works wonders for blitzing wrinkles if I’ve been getting frowny.


Plus, look at it! That packaging is gorgeous.

Next out of the box was the Agave ‘Healing oil treatment’ which I used after my shower at night. I never blow dry my hair if I can help it so I always shower before bed to make sure my hair is dry for work the next morning and a little bit of this oil on the roots helped smooth and tame frizz. It smells lovely too. A little bit goes a long way with applying oil to your hair too so be careful and only apply to the ends – stay away from the roots.


For September Birchbox also gave us the option of choosing a sample in our boxes, the option was between two lipgloss colours and a mascara. I already have a fabulous mascara in my Benefit ‘They’re real’ which I would encourage you to check out if you haven’t already so I went for the lipgloss I liked the best.


And that would be Model Co’s ‘Morocco’.


Colour-wise I have no complaints, it’s a natural, every day pink and it smells fabulous too. I mean really really good. Good enough to eat!
However when you actually go to use it the gloss is very sticky, a bit like the kind you used to get free with teenage magazines and it feels very thick and tacky on my lips. I’m not a huge fan and I think this could be something I palm off on a younger cousin. I won’t use it.

The fourth sample I tried out of my box this month was the Korres ‘Citrus Body Milk’. It’s okay. I’d never heard of the brand before and based on the name I was expecting more citrusy notes than there were. If I’m honest the lotion didn’t smell of much at all, which I thought was a shame as citrus smells are some of my favourites (along with florals).


The packaging was nice, it’s an okay lotion. I wouldn’t say it gives you a moisture boost but it’s okay for areas that don’t usually give you any problems. I thought it would be good for an all over wash of scent but as I said, I couldn’t really smell much, so I’m not really sure what the purpose of this product is meant to be. Generous with the portion size though!

And now to the Beauty Blender, this magical tool that will solve all of our foundation woes if the emails from Birchbox are to be believed. As I mentioned I was very excited and carefully read the articles about getting the most from it.


The sponge comes individually packaged with its own cleanser underneath, which I thought was a nice touch. It’s important to keep foundation tools nice and clean as you rub them all over your face.
When using the beauty blender you have to soak it in water first and then squeeze it out and it will swell to a bigger size. This is so it doesn’t absorb and waste all your foundation.

I followed the rules and then used the tool as advised, in dabbing motions. Honestly I wasn’t that impressed. For me the beauty blender worked just as well as any other makeup sponge I have used in the past. It wasn’t bad but it wasn’t the answer to all my foundation applying prayers either. And it certainly isn’t worth the effort of using every morning, I’m going to continue applying my foundation with clean fingers just like I always do.

The last thing to mention, well two things really, are the little picture holder and those wretched pineapple pieces.

IMG_2127 IMG_2135

The picture holder is a nice idea, but I have loads of these on my desk as they are often included as freebies at corporate events, I guess I’d hoped for something a little more exciting from Birchbox That said they fit the theme of the box so fair enough. However I don’t use these picture holders as the little crocodile clip always scratches and bends my photos. I much prefer a cute basic frame.

For the sake of research I tried a pineapple piece!
I thought it was chewy and tough and wasn’t impressed at all. Just eat fresh fruit guys, it tastes so much better!


And that’s it for September, not a terrible box, there were some samples I really loved and I appreciate the chance to try out the beauty blender but not exactly my favourite box ever either. I gave it a 6/10 on my survey and I’ll stick with that.


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