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Birchbox UK review – October

Happy October everyone! I love October, Autumn is really here, Halloween, pumpkin soup, scarves and gloves can start to come out of hibernation. It’s a wonderful month and this month Birchbox is partnering with Coppafeel to promote Breast cancer awareness. Form our point of view, we get a delightful pink-themed box so let’s take a look inside shall we…

This month’s box is a good ‘un. The first thing I saw when I opened up my box this month was the cute little pink bag all subscribers received.

It’s a pretty handy size (finger included for scale) to hold your essentials for a weekend away and it was doubly exciting to unzip it and see all my samples inside. First out of the box (bag) was Pixi by Petra’s nourishing Shea Lip Butter in Ripe Raspberry.

I love this product! It feels wonderful going on your lips and although it looks bright in the picture it has quite a sheer tint. That’s not to say it doesn’t show up, give it one or two swipes and the colour packs a serious punch. A light dab in the daytime would be completely work appropriate but layer it up and it will happily carry over to the evening. More importantly it does what it says on the case, it’s very moisturising which is perfect for this time of year and I can tell it will definitely help to fend off nasty, painful chapped lips. I put this straight in my bag and it hasn’t left it since. It will come in very useful for fireworks night and Christmas markets. Plus, it smells gorgeous!

My next sample this month was Meaningful Beauty’s Glowing Serum.

This was another amazing sample. I know it looks small in the picture but it hasn’t run out on me yet and I love the way it makes my skin feel. Buying a serum is so difficult as they’re expensive and you can’t see immediate results so tiny sachets of samples are pretty much useless. This is a great size to give you a real feel for the product and it’s good. If you’re after a serum this has anti-ageing and radiance enhancing qualities and is a pretty good place to start.

Sample number three this month is Balance Me’s Cleanse and Smooth Face Balm.

You apply dry and then apply warm water and rinse with a cloth. This sample also smells amazing! It’s fruity with a hint of something else, maybe ginger? It has a nice exfoliating action so I wouldn’t advise you use it every morning and evening but 3 or 4 times a week would be okay as it balances your skin too.
So it’s all going well. I’m loving my Birchbox samples and then sample number four.
KMS California’s Hair Play, dry wax.

IMG_0015.JPGOne thing I can say for this sample is that it’s very generously sized. After that there’s not much to love for me. I’ve used KMS hair samples before, the shampoo and conditioner were great but I think I’m just not a dry wax kind of girl. I’m very low maintenance with my hair. I go to bed with it wet, tie up or plait for work and just wear it down at the weekends mostly. The sample is sticky and gives my hair a not very nice texture. It also gives it hold so I suppose it would be useful for more intricate hairstyles if your hair has a tendency to fall out but mine is ultra thick and holds fishtails and buns just fine on its own. All in all not my product but that doesn’t mean it wouldn’t be perfect for somebody out there. I plan to keep practicing with it and if I find a style that it is perfect for I’ll add it to the blog but so far no revelations with this one.
The last sample this month (not including the lipstick pen) is Shaveworks’ The Cool Fix shaving gel. You apply after shaving and it helps to prevent and treat ingrown hairs, razor bumps and redness.

Now this is a product I can get behind! I hate shaving my legs, not because I’m lazy (although I am) but because unless I use a brand new razor straight out of the box I always get some irritation. And none of us can afford a brand new razor head every time we want to shave our legs. After giving this lotion a try all week I can honestly say I have noticed a difference. Obviously I should have invested in a post-shave lotion years ago but Birchbox have finally taught me the error of my ways.
And finally, the pen.

IMG_0018.JPG It’s pretty cute I’ll give it that. The lid doesn’t fit very well and has a habit of just popping off in my bag but it’s a nice idea to just chuck a cute girly little pen in your bag for day to day use. Unfortunately it’s pretty cheaply made so the casing has already cracked on mine. Maybe I’m just clumsy? Who knows. As a little extra it’s perfectly fine, and honestly I’m pretty made up with this month’s box so I’m still very happy.
This month’s box rating: 8/10

And this month Birchbox are contributing £1 to Coppafeel for every photo of you ‘copping a feel’ and tagged with #CoppaBirchbox @BirchboxUk and @Coppafeelpeople

And that’s me out!
Do you get a Birchbox every month? What did you get differently to me and what were your favourite products? What don’t you agree with in my review? Leave your thoughts in the comments.


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