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Birchbox UK review – December

Happiest December wishes everyone!
My Birchbox took its time in coming this month but finally made it (thank you Royal Mail!) and now I have the time to sit down and review all the bits and bobs in my gorgeous sparklebox.Photo 18-12-2014 16 34 04

I think this is possibly the most beautiful themed box they’ve made so far but do the contents live up to the wonderful exterior? You’ll have to click on to find out…

Photo 18-12-2014 16 40 32

December’s Birchbox is full of holiday themed goodies this month and I love it! I’ve been excited about the Eyeko eye pencil ever since I attended the Birchbloggers breakfast in London last month (more about that later) where we were given a sneak peak at December’s samples. And the glitter nail varnish from Models Own is both Christmas and NYE appropriate; but I’m getting ahead of myself, let’s do this one by one shall we?

The first sample I used from my box this month was the Firming Collagen Day Cream from Eslor.

Photo 18-12-2014 16 44 30

The packaging is beautiful for a sample, and the sample size is really quite generous, I’ve been using it every morning for about 2 weeks now and there is still plenty left. The cream feels velvety and sinks into my skin so quickly. The smell isn’t strong, and the only way I can describe it is ‘a clean smell’ but it’s pleasant. I was in the market for a new day cream so this landed on my doorstep at exactly the right time and I’m thinking about purchasing a full sized product once it runs out.

Sample number two this month is a Birchbox exclusive. The long awaited, eagerly anticipated, Eyeko Fat Eye Stick.

Photo 18-12-2014 16 48 38

I was actually a little disappointed with this product. Although it’s a very generous full sized product the application was a nightmare! The formula feels sticky and catches on my skin all the time leaving blobs and dark spots everywhere. Because it looks best smudged and blended in for the smoky look, it is salvageable, but there are so many good eye pencils and sticks and liners out there that will go on smoothly and blend seamlessly that I just don’t see the point in struggling with it. For my smoky eye this NYE I’ll be using my trusty Laura Mercier Caviar stick.

Sample number three was this cute little Benefit Christmas cracker.

Photo 18-12-2014 16 41 55

Photo 18-12-2014 16 42 43

Open it up and you get a sample of Benefit‘s Highbeam highlighter. It is the perfect size to slip into a clutch bag or purse and I love it! I tried adding it to my foundation after reading a tip online and it gave a lovely dewy effect all over. If you haven’t already, give that a go!

My next sample out of the box was Hydrate Shampoo by Electric Hair.

Photo 18-12-2014 16 46 53

I have a lot of hair so this sample probably didn’t go as far for me as it should have done but it lathered nicely and smelt lovely. I wouldn’t say I noticed any difference in my hair after using it but my hair is normally pretty soft and shiny anyway. It certainly hasn’t done it any harm to add a bit of extra moisture over Christmas. At £17.50 a pop for a bottle from Birchbox I probably won’t be investing in this one when my current shampoo leaves my hair just as happy.

Sample number four was Organic Rosehip Oil from Trilogy. As you can see it came in a glass bottle with a little pipette in the top. The chemist in me loves anything with a pipette – it’s so much fun! Plus it makes it easier when drops are literally all you need.

Photo 18-12-2014 16 47 28

Considering only a very small amount is required at a time I think the sample is quite generous. After reading the product description from Birchbox it seemed to be an all over product so I tried it on my face and body. I didn’t like using this on my face, although it sank in quickly it left my skin feeling like there was a bit of a residue on the surface. However it was quite nice when used on my elbows and knees.
If I’m being completely honest, a normal moisturiser will do just as good a job and if you’re anything like me you have plenty of it kicking around! I don’t see the point of multiple products for exactly the same job so I’ll pass on replacing this once it’s gone.

The last sample in December’s box is a Models Own nailvarnish in Velvet Goth – Amethyst.

Photo 18-12-2014 16 45 19

This full sized nail varnish is glittery but matte, however if you want to give it shine a clear topcoat will remove the matte effect. This month we had the option of picking our colours for this sample, which is always exciting and I chose Amethyst (purple). It’s a nice colour although I think the matte finish ruins the glitter effect by dulling it. When I go glittery I want full sparkle and shine! As with any glitter nail varnish it’s also a bit of a nightmare to take off, however if you soak a cotton bud in nail varnish remover and place over your fingernail, then wrap the tip in foil and wait for 5 minutes the varnish comes right off! Give it a try next time you’re struggling to remove stubborn sparkles.I thought this sample was perfectly suited to a December box and I’m always happy for a new nail varnish colour to add to the collection.

Last but not least is the lifestyle extra, this month everyone received a little coin purse designed by Sophia Webster.

Photo 18-12-2014 16 43 34

I think it’s cute. I’ve used mine to pack some earrings and assorted rings that I wanted to bring home for the holidays but didn’t want to risk tangling up or getting lost in my makeup bag. This little purse kept them all neatly protected and in the same place. Perfect!

Once again, apologies for such a late post. If you want December’s Birchbox you’ll need to be quick!
I think the delivery issues really let Birchbox down this month, but the actual box is a lot of fun.
My rating for this month is 7/10.

Did you get December’s box? How did your samples vary compared to mine? What did you think?
Let me know in the comments!


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