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Birchbox UK review – April

Can you believe it’s April already? 
I really really can’t.
But with a new month comes a shiny new Birchbox full of things to play with. This month’s theme is Royally Good in honour of Prince George’s new little brother or sister and as none of us know what the royal baby is going to be the boxes are shipping out in blue and pink variations.


My box is pink and I hope it’s a sign the baby is a girl, don’t you?

Anyway shall we open it up?


This month was a pick-your-own-sample month again, with the choice being between three Laura Mercier samples. An eyeliner, a primer and a mascara.
As we picked our Benefit mascara last month it was a toss up between the eyeliner and the primer, in the end I plumped for the violet eyeliner as I have nothing like that and I thought it could be fun for a pop of colour this spring/summer.

The colour in the centre is pretty true to how this eyeliner comes out. It really is a violet hue and it’s also worth noting that this eyeliner really stays put! No smudging whatsoever.
Now all I need to do is work it into a look and leave the house.
And Birchbox have some tips just for that this month that can be found here.

My second sample this month was a nail varnish from Lola Barcelona in a hot pink (Gracia).

It’s nice for spring, I’m a very colourful person but unfortunately I did get a nails inc. nail varnish in almost exactly the same shade in a magazine last month. I’ll still use it though, one of my favourite nail art designs is a Cath Kidston inspired flowery nail and this colour pink is perfect with a pastel pink and a red for painting the little roses.

My third sample out the box this month was a Korres shower gel that is bergamot and pear scented.


This smells amazing! I’m such a fan of this scent that I almost don’t want to use the shower gel as then it will all be gone. It’s light but sweet and fruity. I think I’ll save it for a weekend at my boyfriend’s as he always has boy shower gel and it’s a perfect travel size.

The next sample was the oxymoronic sounding Smooth, Sealed and Sensational No Oil Oil from Percy & Reed.


This hair oil promises smooth, sleek, shiny hair with added volume. I think it promises a bit more than it can deliver. It goes in nicely and tames flyaways but I saw no evidence for added volume, the best that can be said is it won’t weigh your hair down and reduce volume. The smell also isn’t brilliant, it smells a bit too solventy. It isn’t a terrible product but compared to some hair oils and treatments Birchbox have sent us in the past it doesn’t come close. I would choose Beauty Protector leave in conditioner or Agave oil any day, which both smell incredible and make a huge difference to your hair.

My last beauty sample this month was the alliteratively titled Fabulous Foaming Facewash from bliss.


This facewash is nice and gentle as it is appropriate for all skin types and I like the smell. It’s fresh and clean and leaves my face feeling cleansed without that nasty tight feeling you sometimes get. I really like this sample, and I might even invest in a full size bottle when mine is all used up.

My lifestyle extra for April was an Energise Me supplement from Inner Me.

These are basically a vitamin supplement that are tailored to a busy lifestyle, they have arrived just in time for my new running regime which is quite nice and I’ll be using them for the next four weeks. If I notice a huge difference then I’ll update this post but I believe that if you want to take a supplement you may as well just get the cheaper sets from tesco or similar supermarkets as they will have exactly the same effect.
I’m not totally sold on vitamin supplements anyway unless you have a genuine medical need but I have an open mind!

This month I would give my Birchbox a solid 7/10.

And that’s it for April. Did you get the same samples and disagree with me? If not how was your box different? Talk to me in the comments!

Fran X


3 thoughts on “Birchbox UK review – April

  1. I’m thinking about getting a beauty box but unsure which one to go for! Do you think the birch box is worth it? I’m either gonna go for that one or glossy box I think! xo


  2. Hi thanks for reading.
    Well I’ve only ever tried Birchbox so I can’t judge it against the others but I do really like it. If you look back through my archives I’ve been listing everything that’s been coming for months so you could maybe get a better idea of the samples you’ll receive.
    I think Birchbox is very good value for money, they often have full sized products worth more than the box and the points system is really good, where if you review each item in your box each month you get points to spend on products from their shop.
    If you do decide to go Birchbox let me know and I can give you a link that will give you 50 points for signing up (£5 to spend in the shop)!
    Fran X


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