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Tatler for Birchbox – Best of British

Surprise Birchbox post!
This month there is the option to get your hands on a one-off Best of British Birchbox, designed with the team at Tatler magazine.

2015-04-20 19.58.25

It’s gorgeous isn’t it? Do you want to know what’s inside?

Come see!

First it’s worth mentioning the box is so jam packed with goodies they couldn’t fit them all inside. What I actually received in the post was this.

2015-04-20 19.58.47

If we open it up it looks pretty exciting.

2015-04-20 20.04.20

Let’s get right into it shall we?

That bottle you see sitting on top of the box is a volumising spray from Percy & Reed. If that sounds familiar it’s because they were also featured in the April Birchbox with a hair oil.

2015-04-20 20.07.12

It’s a bit hard to tell if this product is meant as a dry shampoo or not. The information card from Birchbox calls it “the next generation dry shampoo” but nowhere on the bottle does it say this specifically. So in the interest of a proper scientific test I’ve tried it on freshly washed hair and second day, slightly limp hair.

On my freshly washed, soft and shiny hair that had gone a bit flat after being tied in a ponytail all day I noticed a definite boost in volume. My hair stayed shiny and didn’t become stiff or unmanageable but I did notice it seemed to get knotty more easily. This spray could be very useful for crafting a great quiff or bouffant or even just giving your hair that extra lift for a fabulous hair day.
On my second day hair, I didn’t notice any kind of dry shampoo effect. And there also wasn’t as much of a volumising effect either, I had to add a lots more than last time and it just made my hair feel a bit dirty and very tangled.
So not a bad product, and a very generous full sized one too but I think Birchbox are mistaken when they call it a ‘dry shampoo’.

My second sample from the Tatler box was a face oil from Dr Jackson.

I’ve tried a few face oils before and been pleasantly surprised so I’m very happy with this extra generous sample. The oil comes in a minimalist brown glass bottle, and is dosed with a glass pipette. I may have mentioned this before but I’m a sucker for a pipette dispenser! It just excites the inner chemist in me.

I’ve been using this oil morning and night for a few days now and it leaves my skin feeling really soft. My only bugbear would be the scent, it’s not unpleasant but it’s very strong and it sticks around. I could still smell it even after I got to work this morning.

Another full-sized product in this box is the paint pot from Ciaté.

I’m not sure how many colours are available but I received Red hot chilli. I felt a bit let down by Birchbox as they only just sent me a bright red in my December box and I feel they could have a system that tracks things like that to make sure you don’t receive pointless products. But the product itself is nice. Cute bottle, nice formula. It dries in a reasonable amount of time and I’ll probably gift it to someone so it gets some use.

One of the best products from this month’s box isn’t exactly new. Birchbox have sent it out before, although before I was reviewing my boxes, and it’s been a favourite of mine since my university days.

That’s right. Liz Earle cleanse and polish. Every beauty blogger worth their salt scrub has given this a go and it’s well loved for a reason. It smells lovely, and takes off all traces of the day’s makeup, whilst leaving your skin feeling soft and fresh. So I think it’s a great choice for a best of british box.

Another Birchbox staple company is Aromatherapy Associates, and they provide the fifth sample out of the box. Renewing rose body cream.

2015-04-20 20.08.22

The first scent I notice when I used this wasn’t rose at all. It actually smelt very similar to the face oil above. I was expecting that I would pick up on the rose scent as I started to rub it in but I still couldn’t.
I can say the formula is nice, the cream is thick and sinks in very quickly but it doesn’t smell like rose, which is really quite disappointing.

My last sample was a hand and body wash from Bamford. I had never heard of this company before but I’m very glad I have now.

2015-04-20 20.07.30-2

The body wash comes in a pretty generous 50ml sample and is geranium, lavender and peppermint scented. This combination is lovely. I’m not sure if it would be for everyone but I loved the lavender made slightly less cloying with the geranium, but fresh and invigorating with the mint. I plan to look into more of the products at Bamford and see what other gems they have.

And that’s it sadly. The Tatler box is available now on the website, and there is no variation except in the paint pot colours so you can be sure what you’re getting this time around.
I liked this box, my only real disappointment was a nail varnish I won’t use.

Did you order the Tatler box too? Are you going to?
Shout out in the comments, I’d love to discuss your opinions on it.

Until next time
Cesca X


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