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Birchbox UK review – July

Welcome to July! I’ve missed a few months of Birchbox posts and that’s because I have been feeling seriously unenthused by my samples recently. However I’m finally back on board with a box (bag) I can get behind just in time for summer. Click through to see what July has in store!



This month’s theme is all about getting away for the summer and so the traditional BirchBOX has been replaced with a waterproof BirchBAG, perfect for use by the pool. They come in four colours and as you can see mine is a sunny yellow.

As for my samples this month, well it’s a mixed bag (see what I did there!) so let’s get started.


The first sample out of my bag was this eyeshadow trio from POP Beauty.

I like it a lot, the colours blend well and build up nicely. I like the one on the left for a little shimmer at the inner corners of my eyes, and these are use-able shades for every day. A very nice sample.

Another Balance Me sample was the next one out. The Congested skin serum.


I say another because I’m starting to get a little bit fed up with balance me products, I feel like Birchbox push them hard and maybe they just really love them but I’m not that sold. This sample is a chamomile, lavender and aloe vera serum that is meant to “pinpoint breakouts and soothe all skin types”. It smells quite strongly, but is very runny, so you don’t pinpoint a location so much as smear it all over your face. I also thought it left my skin feeling quite sticky. And I saw no effect whatsoever on my skin where I applied it. So not a great sample.

The next sample I picked out was the Prep, Blot and Blend sponge from Barely.

This is basically a smaller version of the beauty blender Birchbox sent me a while back, and I’m not a huge fan of that for day to day makeup application so it’s probably going to stay in the packaging as a spare for if anything happens to the beauty blender. Although this sponge is suposed to be used for skincare products whilst the beauty blender is used for makeup I can’t see any difference between them. So a bit disappointing.

Sample numero quatro this month was the Benefit Dream Screen a factor 45 sunscreen for your face.


Very in keeping with the theme, which is nice and it can’t hurt to encourage sunscreen application. The product has no real scent and soaks in quickly without leaving your face all shiny. It’s a nice little sample to have and serves as a reminder for me to hurry up and book a holiday somewhere!

My next sample was an Aloe Vera Gel from UNANI. 


This is another sample that fits the theme of the month as I suppose it could be used as an aftersun. Although the packaging claims it can also be used to
“soothe, moisturise, and improve skin burns, blemishes, eczema, bites etc.” And as an aftershave balm.

After trying it I can say it doesn’t really smell of anything, which is probably good for an anti-irritant, but it’s not very moisturising. My skin felt no better after applying it than it did before. I’m not too impressed with this one, poor choice of sample from Birchbox.

The last product in this month’s box was the Cow Pat Handcream from Cowshed and was full sized.


I know the name is a little strange but it’s a really nice moisturiser! This smells lovely and leaves my skin feeling super soft. It contains grapefruit and coriander essential oils but I couldn’t have told you about the coriander from the smell. It just smells light fresh and a little bit fruity. My favourite sample this month.

And there you have it, what did you think of your samples this month? How did your box differ to mine? Let me know in the comments.

Until next time


4 thoughts on “Birchbox UK review – July

    1. Hi, nice to hear from you.
      I can’t believe they aren’t available in Ireland yet when they have BB France and Spain.
      It is so exciting every month. Have you looked into any other subscriptions that do deliver to you?


  1. I like your review style, Francesca. Would love to have you also share your reviews on and get you some free exposure. The easiest way to get started is by using your existing review blog posts since you’ve already done the work… just enter your wordpress blog url when it asks for it during the quick signup… it will make it easy to add all your existing reviews. Our marketing team is going to be sending out the top reviews in a daily/weekly curated email to our entire list.


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