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Birchbox UK review – August


So it’s August already, and I already cannot wait until the late bank holiday. Well a new month means a new Birchbox post and this month’s theme is Beauty Junkie. I have thoughts, but you’ll have to click through to see them…


August’s samples all nicely laid out for you to see. There are some great samples in there and some I found hugely disappointing.
My first gripe is that the Birchbox team kept on publicising two makeup samples this month for all us beauty junkies to try and while I suppose that’s technically true…I was very disappointed that they ended up being a tiny little blusher and an even tinier bronzer/blusher. So let’s talk about my big disappointments first and get them out of the way shall we?


The first sample is a blusher from Lord & Berry, in the shade Lotus. I find it quite a dark pink, probably a bit too strong for my liking. It’s exactly the same sample size as a bronzer we have received from them before.
I find it quite annoying to use, it’s a bit small for my makeup brush and it has a habit of pinging across the room if you let go of the plastic casing too fast. Plus it’s another repeated brand, which would be fine if I loved my sample last time but I was very ‘meh’ about it then and I’m just disappointed now.

My next sample is even smaller than the last. It’s a bronzer/blusher from theBalm.
Now I do love theBalm as a brand, and of the two this is my favourite sample as it has real staying power like all of their products. I just think Birchbox are being a bit naughty by sending essentially the same sample in the same box. And then bigging it up as two makeup samples.
The packaging is gorgeous, again like all theBalm products, but as you can see the colour is a real pinky-bronze so I would definitely say this is more a blusher than a bronzer.


Moving on to something I really liked, the Rituals Rice scrub in Cherry blossom and white rice.


This is lovely. The exfoliating beads are very fine so I felt like I was getting a very even scrub all over plus it smelt gorgeous. I can definitely recommend this one. And it’s a very generous sample size too. And it’s a new brand to try. Excellent.


The Kebelo Clarifying shampoo was something I was expecting to be very unenthusiastic about as I also think Birchbox are sending out far too many shampoos and shower gels at the moment, and as these aren’t things I like to experiment with or splash out on I find them a waste most of the time. But I’m seriously thinking of investing in a clarifying shampoo now. After using this my hair felt squeaky clean and so soft the next day.
You are only meant to use it 1-2 times a month so the sample size should keep me going for quite a while as well.


The fifth sample this month was the Defense Tolerance cleansing water from BioNike.
This is used by shaking out some of the liquid and rubbing it all over your face, before removing with a cotton pad. The instructions claim there’s no need to rinse.
I wasn’t very impressed with this at all, it has a habit of evaporating from your skin so it will smear the day’s dirt everywhere but then have nothing left to soak into the cotton pad. It takes a few repetitions to get the makeup/dirt off and even then when I went over it a final time with my micellar water I still had a dirty cotton pad.
It also leaves a sticky feeling residue over your face with a very unpleasant taste if any residue is on your lips! If you use this sample you definitely need to wash your face afterwards so it’s no cleanser, it is passable as a makeup remover but there are so many better ones I wouldn’t recommend it. Very disappointing.

My lifestyle extra this month was a hairband from L. Erickson.


It’s fine I guess. It’s a hairband. I have tons of them.
I saw some people received overnight spot minimising patches from Formula 10.0.6. So I’m also pretty disappointed I didn’t get something different/more useful.


As an extra extra, this month’s box also contains some emoji stickers, which I’m trying to think of a use for, but they’re pretty cute. Too little too late though Birchbox.
My August box is a bit of a stinker and I’m going to have to give it a 4/10.

What did you guys get in your box? Was it the overnight pads? Are they any good?
Do you think I’m being too harsh, or would you agree this month is disappointing?
Talk to me in the comments.

Cesca X


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