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Birchbox at Selfridges

Hello everyone,
This is another post that I wanted to upload a few weeks ago so it’s a bit behind the times now and Birchbox can no longer be found at Selfridges. However in September, as part of their birthday celebrations, Birchbox were running a pop up stand where you could put together your very own, custom Birchbox!

I went to London in September for an early birthday weekend of my own, if you follow me on Instagram it was the weekend with the amazing street food, and I had to pop in and see what they had on offer. And once I was there I couldn’t leave without a box of my very own.
Do you want to see the products?
Oh go on then…


Six products all chosen by moi!
The way it worked was that you had a choice in a few different categories. So you were allowed to choose two makeup samples,one skincare sample, one hair care sample, one body care sample and a lifestyle extra/beauty treat.

I chose (L to R):

  • Honey Touch body moisturiser from Rituals (Body care)
  • Don’t blow it by Bumble and Bumble (Hair care)
  • Fat eye pencil by Eyeko (Makeup)
  • Cheeky lip tint in Cray Cray by LAQA&Co (Makeup)
  • HydraQuech cream mask by Clarins (Skincare)

Every section had four options to choose from, except for makeup which had eight in total. If I’m honest I wasn’t very inspired by the makeup options at all really. These were the best two in my opinion for something that was a decent sample size and not completely boring.
I’ve tried all my samples now so we can take a closer look at them all.

Rituals Honey Touch

My favourite sample in the box was the Honey Touch body cream from Rituals.
It smells amazing, is a really good sample size and leaves me feeling soft soft soft! I’ve loved everything I’ve tried by Rituals, definitely a brand I keep my eyes open for now.


I also really like the face mask from Clarins. It doesn’t dry like the face masks you may have tried before, just washes off after 5-10 minutes but it leaves my skin feeling lovely and supple and healthy. Another nice find.

Makeup samples next.

The Eyeko fat eye stick is in the shade Gilt and can be used as a liner or a shadow. I’ve tried it as a liner and just couldn’t get along with it, it’s far too thick and unwieldy for me. It works as a shadow though and I quite like the metallic sheen.
It’s a nice addition to my collection but not something I’ll use every day.

I received a LAQA&Co cheeky stick in my last box in a coral shade and this colour was the other alternative that month I believe. The colour of this sample is Cray Cray, and is less pink on that it looks in the stick. I do like it but I don’t find it has much staying powder on my lips, it lends itself to being blended and smudged quite nicely so is better for use on cheeks I think.

My hair care product was the Don’t Blow it (H)Air Styler by Bumble and Bumble. I would have picked the Beauty Protector as I love that product but I already have a full sized bottle at home and I wanted to try something new.

Don't Blow It

This is basically a leave in product for damp hair that is meant to then be left to dry naturally. My guess is it’s supposed to smooth frizz or leave hair looking sleek even with no styling but there is no info on the sample itself so all I have to go on is the Birchbox description.
I wasn’t impressed with this at all. It had no effect on my hair not even leaving a nice smell behind. Not worth trying in my opinion.


My last sample was the toothpaste from Regenerate. I chose this as I wanted a product not a key ring and the sleep sprays didn’t appeal to me, however it was then an option in one of the boxes this month which I think is a bit naughty. I didn’t want it twice!
It’s a fine sample, tastes nice and fresh and minty. I’ll probably just stick with my usual toothpaste though to be honest, I haven’t noticed anything wonderful from using it all up.

And that’s it for the Selfridges box.
I think it was also a bit naughty to charge more for this one as it was in no way better than a normal Birchbox but cost £15. Overall I don’t think I’m too impressed. The only products I really loved were the Rituals and Clarins samples.

Did you make the trip to London to pick one up?
What did you choose differently to me?


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