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October Glossybox review

Hi Everyone,

Welcome to October’s Glossybox review. It was sat waiting on my desk for me when I got back from Switzerland which was very exciting and my review is finally ready.


Just a standard box this month but it’s what’s on the inside that counts!


This month is another offering of five full-sized products from Glossybox. I love that they include full-sized offerings, when I compare it to some other boxes I receive (*cough* Birchbox?) I think they are much better value for money.
This month I received a 30ml sample of Photo-hydra Day by Talika.
An Airbrush blending sponge from Nicka K
A 12.5g Lemonaid Lip Aid from Lanolips
A tube of Play Paint by Jelly Pong Pong
And last but not least the Haute Light Highlighting Pencil by So Susan

I’ve had a play with all of these samples so let’s take them one by one shall we?


The Photo-Hydra Day moisturising cream is supposedly full-sized, when I went to use mine it was still sealed but the tube was at least half empty which was a bit disappointing. It doesn’t really have any scent which isn’t a bad thing, and I do think it leaves my skin feeling nice and soft.
Supposedly this moisturiser uses the energy from daylight to moisturise your skin deep down but I haven’t noticed anything special compared to my usual moisturiser.
My other feeling is that although Glossybox describes Talika as a luxury french brand, the packaging feels quite cheap. If this is a full sized product I assume this is the proper packaging. If so I would be disappointed with this.


Next up is the Airbrush FX blending sponge. This is very similar to my beauty blender, right down to being exactly the same colour. You use it in the same way, wet until it swells up and then stipple over the face to apply product. It works just as well as my beauty blender so thanks Glossybox! Always nice to have a spare.


One of my favourite samples this month was this lip balm by Lanolips. It’s lemonade scented but don’t try eating it, it doesn’t taste as good as it smells!
It’s the perfect product to receive at this time of year as the evenings draw in and the weather gets cold. My lips always dry out when the central heating starts coming on so a really rich, moisturising lip balm is perfect to chuck in my bag and go.


 This paint pot from Jelly Pong Pong is a bit of a strange one. It’s meant for use on lips and cheeks but it’s a really bright pink in colour, look.


The advice with the sample is to only use a teeeeeny splodge but I tried it on my lips and cheeks and I thought it just looked really unnatural. It could work for your lips if you like Barbie pink but it’s not really my thing.


And my last sample this month was a highlighting pencil by So Susan. I already have an almost identical pencil by Chella but it’s always nice to have a spare. There is a subtle difference in the tone of the two so I’m sure it will come in useful. I find these are good for when you want a highlight with no shimmer, as my go to highlighter (Mary-Lou manizer by theBalm) is quite shimmery.

And that’s all for this month’s Glossybox. It’s still beating my Birchboxes hands down and I liked the mix of samples in this box. Did anyone’s box vary compared to mine?
Is anyone else comparing Glossybox to another subscription service?



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