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Birchbox UK review – November

2015-11-10 17.19.31

Hi Everyone,
So after last month’s insanely disappointing Birchbox I gave them one more shot.
This month the box was a collaboration with Skinny Dip, who I hadn’t heard of but are a london based accessories brand. The box is cute, although it’s become standard for Birchbox to have a different design each month now. I think I liked it more when they were special one offs. Let’s take a closer look at the samples.

2015-11-10 17.20.51

There were no repeats this month so I breathed a sigh of relief.
I don’t really see how the box has anything to do with Skinny Dip. There was an option to add a phone case to your box from the brand but I didn’t like it so didn’t take them up on the offer.
The booklet this month also has a voucher for £10 off on the website, use code BIRCHBOX at checkout.
The samples are all new to me so we’ll take them one by one.


First up is easily my favourite product in the entire box. This body lotion from Beauty Protector smells just as gorgeous as every other sample I have ever received from them. I love slathering myself in it and I’m sad at how soon it will be gone.


My second sample this month is from REN. The Wake Wonderful Night-time Facial is an overnight cream that contains glycolic and lactic acids, so its basically a gentle chemical exfoliant. There are plenty of brands out there offering similar products but I am a big fan of REN and this one is no exception. I think my face seems a little more refreshed after using it.


Sample number three is Creme Aquaconfort from Delarom. This is supposedly a super nourishing cream, which is nice for winter. It smells fresh but a bit like plants, which is probably the aloe vera. It’s okay but I wouldn’t say it stands out as anything more than a decent moisturiser to me. It sinks in quite nicely so I’d be happy using it morning and evening.

2015-11-10 17.21.52

This mascara from So Susan is full sized which is a nice surprise. I was getting to the end of my last one so it’s come at a pretty good time. It’s okay. Not a patch on the benefit They’re Real mascara but I think I’ll use it all up before buying another one as once you open a mascara they have a pretty limited shelf life.

2015-11-10 17.22.03

Now this is a clever sample. It is an invisible lip liner from Lord & Berry. So now I can line my lips, regardless of what colour lipstick I plan to use. I think this is pretty nifty and I’m sure I’ll get a lot of use out of it as I like lipsticks for winter.

The final sample this month is some nail wraps from Rosa.

2015-11-10 17.22.13

These aren’t really my style but I would have given them a go except there are only 5 in the pack! There are labelled as accents so you obviously aren’t meant to do all your nails at once, but the problem with that is there are 5 different size ones, so you can’t even do the same finger on each hand. It’s totally stupid and pretty pointless. What a waste of a sample.

I know that’s a bit of a negative to end on but this wasn’t a terrible box, I would actually give it a 7/10 I think. But after all the disappointing boxes in the past few months, Birchbox needed to do a lot more to win me over. I haven’t uploaded my Glossybox review yet either but keep your eyes peeled for that!

Compared to Glossybox Birchbox still loses out this month so I really think it’s time to bite the bullet and cancel. My only concern is getting one more box to bump my points balance over 100 so I have an extra £10 to spend in the shop. So I may get December’s but then it really will be over for Birchbox.
It’s a shame as I’ve been with the for so long but I’m just not wowed by the boxes anymore.

Cesca X


4 thoughts on “Birchbox UK review – November

    1. I am very impressed with the lip liner. It’s a genius idea, I don’t know why I haven’t bought one before!
      Yeah the nail wraps are not very well thought through. I think they might pull out all the stops for December but I’m going to see what the emails and previews hint at before I decide whether or not to quit.
      Thanks for reading! X

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