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November Glossybox review

Hi All,
I’ve got another new post for you today, this time on November’s Glossybox. It’s another good one, designed with glamour in mind so let’s dive straight in shall we?



Lots of exciting looking samples here. I’ll take them one by one, starting with my favourite, the eyeshadow palette from MUA or Make up academy.

This palette contains 12 colours, all pretty neutral. I really like them and the swatches look true to life.

Top left is Puff and it goes to Lion along the row. The ones underneath follow the same pattern. They all have a bit of shimmer except for Hazel in the top row, but they blend together really well and feel lovely and soft. Plus they are all colours I’ll use regularly I think. The palette is full sized and can be found on the MUA website and it’s only £4! And who says makeup has to cost a bomb?

My next sample this month was the Diamond Heart Primer from Emite.


This one is travel sized, but a little goes a long way so it’s still quite a generous sample. I used it under my makeup this morning and it has a lovely mattifying texture. I thought it made my makeup go on a bit smoother so I’m a fan. I’ve tried primers before that were a lot more like moisturisers, this is much more to my liking.

Sample number three is in keeping with the makeup theme. It’s the Super Lustrous Lipstick from Revlon.

This month we had the option to pick our lipstick colour from four shades and I chose Black Cherry. It’s a real autumn colour, dark and rich and I don’t have anything like it in my collection as I’m never normally brave enough to go out and buy something like this so I thought it would be good to try something new. I think I love it. It’s a bit heavy for work but I can’t wait for the weekend so I get a chance to wear it out of the house!


This is another travel sized sample. A body lotion from Royal Apothic in Cutting Garden scent. I loved the packaging with this, the box felt really luxurious and that was before I’d even seen the cream. It smells lovely and fresh and is very moisturising. Just what I need as we move into winter. I actually think I might use this one as a hand cream as it works really well and looks so nice in my bag.


Last up was a set of falsies from Eyelure. I don’t know about anyone else but I got a box of Naturalites, which are not the ones I usually buy, if I’m going false I’m all about the volume. But eyelure are the brand I would usually use so I’m happy to give these a shot. They fit in quite nicely with the glamour theme and as we move into party season I know I’ll get a chance to use them.

So all in all a pretty fabulous box. If you haven’t bought it yet I think it’s definitely worth the money this month. When I think about how excited I was for this box compared to my Birchbox this month it just further reinforces the belief that I should cancel Birchbox.
Did your box vary from mine in any way? I’m always curious as to the changes Glossybox make between boxes.
Until next time.

Cesca X


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