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January Glossybox review

Welcome to 2016 Glossyboxers!
It feels so strange to be typing that but here we are. It’s been ages since I’ve written a beauty box review, and this is my first month with no Birchbox after I cancelled it last year, so let’s see if Glossybox will be enough to keep me going.


It’s a normal box this month, but just as exciting as ever. I managed to avoid any spoilers so the contents were a real surprise.
Let’s take a look shall we?


This month’s box contains four full sized items and one luxury sample size of serum.
I think it’s a nice mix between makeup and skincare, we’ll start with the makeup.


First up is a full sized Oasis Gem Lipstick from Teeez Cosmetics. I’ve never heard of them before but I’m impressed with this product. It contains coconut oil for a little extra moisture and I can really feel that in the application. It’s a good job too as the matte finish means it could otherwise be quite unforgiving on dry/chapped lips.
This one gets a big thumbs up from me, plus I love the packaging!


The second makeup sample this month is a full sized eye shadow by Glossybox themselves! The shade is called Glossy Mauve, and is a shimmery purple/grey but looks almost brown in some lights. The purple doesn’t really translate when you use it on your skin as you can see below but it does build up nicely.


I think it looks more brown above and that isn’t just an effect of the photo, the picture is true to what it looked like on my skin.
I didn’t realise Glossybox did their own cosmetics but the eye shadow was easy to use and had a good, buildable colour so I liked this one too. It’s a very generous size so will last me a very long time and I thought the shade was good for most skin types. Thanks Glossybox.


This full sized Dermo Defence face mask was also in my box this month by Unani. Another new brand to me. It’s not like most face masks you would have tried as on application it is a clear gel that almost breaks down to water when you smooth it over your face. But it dries quickly and then leaves my skin feeling fresh after washing it off. It also smells lovely and is another really generous sample size. So I’m very pleased with it.


The fourth sample out of my box this month was the Cellular repair serum from Madara.
This is the only one that isn’t full sized, but it’s still 15ml and a full sized product is only 30ml so not bad really.
The website loudly proclaims that it is organic, which is not something that I see and think “oh how wonderful”, in my opinion organic doesn’t count for anything. It also provides some results from their ‘scientific testing’ claiming that 86% of women found it instantly lifting. This is only from a sample of 30 though so statistically that doesn’t really hold much weight either.

I almost wish I hadn’t looked up the website as I’ve gone off on a mini scientific rant there, sorry. The serum contains birch juice (birch sap) which is more commonly drunk, but is proven to have cleansing properties and contains lots of vitamins and amino acids (the building blocks of proteins) that many believe fight the signs of aging. So there might be something to it after all.

The serum itself is quite thick and soaks right into my skin, leaving it feeling very hydrated. It also has a faint grassy/herbal scent that I quite like so I’ll be giving it a go for the next few weeks before making my mind up.


My last sample this month was a nail varnish from Angele.
It’s also full sized, and applies well. I already have quite a few reds and I’ve been wearing them to death over Christmas so I would have appreciated a different colour. I can pass it on to someone though so it won’t go to waste.

And that’s it for January’s Glossybox!
Once again I’m impressed with the brand selection as they were all new to me and I liked the mix of makeup and skincare.
I’m also impressed with the samples sizes again.

Did your box differ from mine? What did you get?
And what did you think?
Until next time…Cesca X


5 thoughts on “January Glossybox review

      1. I would be too. I suppose at least you’ll get an extra product in your Feb box!
        Shame it was the bronzer that was a repeat though. I can think of other things in the August box that it would have been better to have two of!

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