Iceland Adventures

Hi Everyone,
I’ve been meaning to post about this for a while now. Back in January the boy and I took a mini break to Iceland. (First holiday together – relationship milestone!)
It was a few days of stunning scenery, sparkling snow, freezing temperatures and cold noses. We had a wonderful time and Iceland in winter is insanely beautiful. Just look at those colours!



This post is very picture heavy (sorry about that) but grab a cuppa and see what else I have to show you.

On our first full day in Iceland we were both feeling pretty under the weather, but luckily we had booked the Blue Lagoon so we knew there was nothing too strenuous to worry about. The lagoon is man made but still so pretty. The water really is blue (!) and around the edges of the lagoon are containers of the clay face masks for you to help yourself to to make the experience extra luxurious.

2016-01-03 11.47.09 HDR2016-01-03 15.12.17


I know that first picture looks dark but we didn’t get up particularly early, sunrise just happened to be around 11:20am. It is so hard to wake up in the mornings when it doesn’t get light until then. I don’t know how Icelandic school children manage.

That evening we went for an exploratory walk along the seafront and into town.




The next day we signed up for the Golden circle tour, which takes you to see geysers, the Gullfoss waterfall and the national park, Þingvellir. But the first stop was a tomato farm!



To be fair, in my line of work I did actually find it really interesting, Did you know Iceland grows the most bananas of any country in Europe?





We spent a really long time waiting for the geyser to erupt for the perfect selfie but eventually just gave up.


And that’s when it happened!





As you can tell from the last picture, the sun sets pretty quickly in Iceland too! Twilight was setting in as we headed off to Þingvellir, our last stop.



That night we headed out for a look at the Northern lights. We did see them but only very faintly which was quite disappointing. And my pictures all came out rubbish.

On our last day we had booked a few hours horse riding on Icelandic horses. It was crisp, dark morning as we saddled up and set off but the view was amazing. There were far too many people though who had no idea how to ride. J and I got split up in the beginning and had to spend the ride at opposite ends of the line.
Luckily my experience showed and I got to join the select group who took the longer, faster route home. It’s exhilarating dashing through the snowy trees and across white fields on an Icelandic horse.


Once we got back to Reykjavik and warmed up we had an afternoon wandering around town in the daylight for once.




We climbed the cathedral tower (actually we took the lift) for some of the best views around. What I love the most about Iceland is probably the skies. Every direction had a totally different feel to it, and the whole city of Reykjavik is hemmed in by mountains as far as the eye can see.



It was a wonderful few days. I would love to go back in summer when all the snow has gone and the browns and greens and purples are all on show. We got a glimpse of them where the geysers had melted the ice and snow but I imagine Iceland in the summer to be just as beautiful in its own way.

Fran X



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