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Limited Edition – Treat Yourself Glossybox

Hi Guys,
I’m quite behind on this as my box arrived a few weeks ago but I wanted to use all the products before reviewing them.


So this shiny box arrived on my doorstep, promising to contain all the goodies you might need to truly treat yourself. As you can see it’s jam-packed!



So, let’s take a look at the products shall we?

First up are the crystal stud earrings from Stella & Dot. These are worth £20 apparently although I have to say I wouldn’t pay that much for them. They are fine, but my least favourite thing in the box. I suppose that’s partly because I don’t buy beauty boxes for accessories, I’m firmly a makeup and skincare lover. They are also a bit big and clunky for me. I’ll probably pass them to someone else.DSC_0254

The first sample I used from the box was the pomegranate hand cream from Crabtree & Evelyn.


This moisturiser is so so good. It smells amazing and gives instant relief from that tight feeling you get when your skin is a bit dry. I’ve chucked it in my handbag and carry it everywhere with me. Once it’s all used up I’m going to have to buy some more.

The next thing I tried was the Eyeko Black Magic lash curler.

Another thing I loved. I needed a new eyelash curler anyway as mine was so old and this one is very good. It helps that I’ve just started with a new mascara too which I really like but I think the curler helps make my eyes a bit wider. I like that it’s black so you don’t see any smudges and I also like that it comes with extra pads.
The one thing I don’t like is that the handles are covered in velvet/suede. As soon as you pick them up with foundation or other makeup on your fingers they get dirty and don’t look as nice anymore.  But as to functionality it’s a great tool.

The next sample I tested was the Miracle Cleanser from Aurelia.


It’s another one I loved! This cleanser comes with the most amazing cloth, it feels so luxurious and is really gentle at washing everything off your face. The formulation smells very herbal, almost a little bit antiseptic-ish but I like it. It’s not drying and doesn’t really leave a residue either unlike some more oily cleansers.

Now onto something I was less excited about. Last month’s February Glossybox had a very generous sample of a hair mask/conditioner by Naobay. This limited edition box has exactly the same sample in!


It’s a great product, read my last review to see how I felt and I guess I appreciate another bottle but I felt a bit let down that the people over at Glossybox would put exactly the same sample in two consecutive boxes.

The box also contained a LAQA & CO lip colour in Honeypot.


I’ve never seen this brand out and about but I have so many lip stains and colours from them now, all from beauty box subscriptions. I like some more than others, I find they have a tendency to get a bit wobbly after a while in the twist up mechanism and you’ll take one out of your bag to find it mashed up against the lid but as to this actual lip colour, I like it.
It’s a very sheer wash of colour (see below) and it doesn’t really build that much either. It really is just a subtle wash of colour and sometimes that’s all I want. So I think I’ll use this. It also has a nice minty scent to it which I like.


The last sample was the one it took me ages to get around to using. The Beauty sleep face mask by Sanctuary.


I don’t know why I waited so long. It’s another one I really love and it’s also a really good size. I’m glad it doesn’t have the same smell as most of the sanctuary range because I can’t stand that smell. This mask has a sort of sleepy scent, I think it must have lavender in amongst other things.
It’s unusual in that you don’t wash or peel or wipe it off, you just leave it on all night. And you don’t have to worry about it wiping off on your pillow as it soaks in really quickly even though it’s so rich and thick. I’ve used it a few times now and I love the way my skin feels after rubbing it in.

So that’s it! Who else ordered this limited edition box? Was it for yourself or someone else?
What was your favourite sample?

My March box arrived today so keep your eyes peeled for that review in the next day or two.
Cesca X




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