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May Glossybox 2016

Glossybox day!
Today I came back from a meeting at work to find my box waiting for me on my desk (thanks Richard!) which is a lovely way to perk up an afternoon.
This month’s theme is Glossy Getaways, with four different box designs. London, Paris, New York or Berlin.
My box is Paris and it’s cute. Not my favourite design of all the one off’s they’ve had but it’s something a bit different to the usual pink.

glossy (1)

So, without further ado, let’s open her up shall we?

glossy (9)

I’m not convinced the products in this month’s box have anything to do with a city break, but the themes for Glossybox have always been tenuous at best.
This box contains six samples, two makeup, two moisturisers, a nail gel and a snack. I’ll go through them one by one as I always do but I feel a bit like there’s always something weird in my box. Last month it was toothpaste, this month its gel for damaged nails. Are they trying to tell me my personal hygiene sucks?!

The first sample I took out of the box was the Propercorn in Sweet and Salty.

glossy (13)

Again, not really a beauty discovery. I like Propercorn, although my favourite flavour is the coconut and vanilla one, so it was a welcome snack but I just don’t think it fits in all that well. Plus Birchbox gave out these exact samples a long long time ago so Glossybox are so behind on that one.

My first proper sample was the Revlon mascara. We were given the option to pick which one we wanted and I chose Volume & Length. Best of both worlds right?

glossy (19)

It’s good. The brush really gets in there and coats every one of my lashes, and it’s not clumpy thank god as it would have been straight in the bin. Its easily on a par with my So Susan featherlash mascara so I’m very pleased. And a very reasonable £9.99.

Next up is the dreaded nail gel by Loceryl.

glossy (20)

It just looks so clinical. My fingernails are in pretty good condition I think as I always coat them in a protecting basecoat before I paint them but I decided to give it a go on my fingers anyway.
And then I thought ‘in for a penny’ and rubbed it all over my toes too. It’s basically meant as a moisturiser for your nails from what I can tell, although I had no idea there was a market for that. It has a very watery consistency and disappears pretty quickly although it feel like it is just evaporating rather than soaking in.
I’m not very impressed. I’ll stick to my hand cream thanks.

Speaking of which, Glossybox included one of those in this moth’s box too.

glossy (15)

This one is by Crabtree & Evelyn and smells lovely. I’ve used their hand creams before and always loved them so I’m happy with this sample as I know I’ll need it. Especially as I wash my hands a million times a day because of working in the lab.

Continuing the moisturiser theme, there is also a moisturiser for your face this month.

glossy (18)

This youth enhancing, plump and firm moisturiser is by Bee Good. It smells a bit like cleaning products, which is quite off-putting. The fragrance is very strong.
I’m also a bit concerned that it contains coconut alkanes, as my skin has not reacted well to coconut oil in the past. We’ll see how it goes though I suppose.
From my first few uses though, I’m not a fan. The smell is the big turn off for me.

Last up is the second makeup product this month. The velvet lippie by Absolute New York.

I really like the smell and feel of this one. But it looks rubbish on my lips. It’s streaky and has no staying power. You can’t layer it as it never dries so it’s always patchy which is not a good look. It’s a shame as I thought I was going to like it until I looked in the mirror.
Definitely not a keeper.

And that’s it for May’s Glossybox. Bit disappointing again. I only really liked the mascara and the handcream from this month’s selection. Although the popcorn wasn’t too bad either. I feel like Glossybox has gone downhill a bit these last few months.

Am I being too harsh? What did you think of your box? How did it differ from mine?
And if you have suggestions for any other subscriptions I should check out then please leave them in the comments.

Thanks for reading



9 thoughts on “May Glossybox 2016

      1. I know what you mean. I really loved some of them, even the one that had no make up items in, the products were actually things I use on daily basis. All boxes have crappy periods, I’m just hoping it will end soon hah


    1. Yeah it wasn’t very exciting. I’m not convinced of its usefulness either as I have never heard of a product like it before.
      I’m starting to feel a bit let down by Glossybox. I miss the full sized samples and just ones that I knew I would use every day.

      Liked by 1 person

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