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The Cult Beauty box by Anna & Lily

So earlier this month I noticed a new box advertised over on Cult Beauty. A collaboration with bloggers Anna & Lily from Vivianna Does Makeup and Lily Pebbles.

Well you know me, I can’t resist a beauty box, especially one this pretty!
I love the marble and gold design, deffo one to keep.



The box was £85 which is a 43% saving on the cost of buying the items individually and it contains five full sized and two travel sized items.
If you follow me in, we can open it up…



The box contains:

I went for this box, not just because I’m a sucker for pretty packaging (I am) but because I thought I would actually use the products.
I needed a new brush, I’m always on the lookout for the perfect liquid eyeliner and I’ve loved every Pixi sample I’ve ever tried. So high hopes indeed. On with the review!

The first sample out of the box was the Wet brush.


A lot of people seem to be comparing these favourably to tangle teezers so if you have knotty hair then it could well be the product for you.
I’m quite lucky in that I don’t. I generally go to sleep with wet hair and then run a brush through it on my way out the door in the mornings. The bristles are soft so no breakage and as I mentioned above I wanted a new hairbrush because my old one was starting to look a bit grubby. And there’s no point brushing clean hair with a dirty brush!

Next up is the Pixi hydrating mist.


I love all things Pixi.
Caroline Hirons is to blame for the damage to my bank balance when it comes to them and my very first products were in the box she collated with Cult Beauty which I reviewed here.
I have been using this as an extra shot of moisture before my serum and day cream in the mornings, although I’ve also seen a lot of people say they apply throughout the day over makeup for a pick me up.
I haven’t been brave enough to try that yet as I’m afraid it will make my makeup slide off my face but maybe I’ll give it a go as the weather warms up. (Please don’t say we’re done with summer in the UK already!)
I like this, it does what it says on the tin, and I’m very happy with it. I have a few of these spritzes now from different brands but when it comes to repurchasing I will very likely go Pixi.

The next thing out of my box was this little toy.


The Yu Ling Jade facial roller is unsurprisingly made from Jade. This is where I felt Cult Beauty and the bloggers let themselves down a bit. There was no product card in this box, so no nice little list of what stuff was or handy tips for using it, and this roller really needed something to explain how to use it.
I had a go at rubbing it all over my face, but soon took to youtube to see what other people had to say. It seems like you roll away from the centre of your face and down towards your collar bone.
Now it feels nice, I won’t argue with that. Especially when you first use it as the stone is very cold compared to the temperature of my skin but I’m not convinced.
Let’s just have a quick look at the description on the Cult beauty website shall we?

Jade Face Roller is like a regular gym workout for the face. The healing properties of jade and the deep massaging action transform your skin and facial contours making you look younger.

I don’t think rolling this around your face is going to make you look younger. Sorry.
I know there’s a lot to be said for facials and facial massage but a DIY version at home is never going to get results especially when they DON’T EVEN INCLUDE INSTRUCTIONS IN THE BOX. And as for the ‘healing properties of jade’? Well; just insert incredulous face here.
In summary, very cooling on under eyes. Feels nice, but ultimately pointless.

Now I’ve got my little rant out of the way we can move on to the Luna sleeping night oil by Sunday Riley.

DSC_0256I’ve heard good things about this, so I was excited to give it a go. For some reason I was surprised by the blue colour, even though I knew it contained blue tansy and you know, looked blue. It turns out this blue colour is actually due to added dyes though (CI 61565 (Green 6), CI 60725 (Violet 2)) which is a bit of a cheat (and no wonder it is so vibrant).
It also contains retinol, so is designed to fight lines and wrinkles and other signs of damage.
I’ve been using this at night since my box arrived and it’s okay I guess. It feels like any other facial oil to me. The smell is quite strong and I don’t really like that for face products because as a general rule fragrances are irritating but it doesn’t seem to do any damage and my skin feels moisturised.
The full price product is a hefty £85 though so there’s no way I’ll be buying it once this runs out. Not worth it in my opinion.

So, on to the BECCA primer.


I wasn’t sure about this because I always think primers promise the world and don’t make any difference whatsoever but this one is actually really good.
I thought my skin was noticeably dewier and just looked more glowy when I wore it.
A surprise hit for me but now I don’t want to be without it!

I also really love the Stila liquid eyeliner.

This stuff does. not. budge.
In the picture above I had already rubbed the lines to try and smudge them.
And it’s really easy to use. I thought I had a pen style eyeliner from Eyeko that I loved ages ago but it dried out really quickly and got all sticky from being run over eyeshadow.
This eyeliner has an airtight lid, it sort of twists and clicks to open and close so no drying out and I’ve been playing and practicing with it and it’s still brilliant.
I’m so impressed.
I will deffo be repurchasing this when it runs out.

And last but not least is the full sized Oskia cleanser.


This cleanser is a bit less heavy than my usual ones, it melts into the pores as it’s rubbed in. When you add water it emulsifies so it can be washed off without a hot cloth. Handy as I get very fed up with washing my cloths, it never ends!
Also handy for travelling as I hate having to pack a damp cloth after using it.
It does the job and leaves my skin feeling soft and clean. The bottle is a good size too so should last me. It’s a good find and one I’m glad is on my radar now. Anna and Lily rave about this stuff so it must be good.
I think I need to keep going with it to be really sure of how I feel but I’ll keep you posted!

And that’s it for Anna & Lily’s collab with Cult Beauty!
There were some great finds in there and no real duds. My least favourite product was the roller but as I said it does feel lovely, and I bet it would be great if you felt a bit under the weather or had a hangover.

I’ll be incorporating all of these products into my daily routine.
Did anyone else get this box?
What did you think?

Until next time






10 thoughts on “The Cult Beauty box by Anna & Lily

  1. Ah thanks so much for the in depth review, I really wanted the box (because it looks pretty) but the only things I’ve really be lusting over are the Oskia cleanser and the Sunday Riley, so I couldn’t really justify it! Definitely going to buy the Oskia cleanser when mine runs out though!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hey thanks for reading 🙂
      The cleanser is lovely so you definitely should but I think there are much nicer facial oils out there for a lot less money.
      I really wanted to love the Sunday Riley but just couldn’t.


  2. Aw this looks incredible! Such a good collection of goodies. Though I do agree with you that the rolling of the ‘magic’ stone all over your face is not going to solve anything haha it’s quite a silly thing for people to believe in. And I bet they made a lot of money of it! Really nice and witty review xx


    1. Hey thanks for stopping by.
      Yeah, it’s ridiculous some of the claims I see on products.
      There’s a blog post about faux ‘science’ bubbling away in the back of my mind that’s going to have to be written up soon.

      Liked by 1 person

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