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May Empties

Hi Everyone,
I realise it’s not May anymore, I had an insanely busy end of the month as I was organising and then attending my bestie’s Hen Party in Manchester. We had a fab time but then I had to spend almost a whole week recovering!

So please excuse my lateness but I’ve finally got around to writing up my feelings on the products I’ve used up in May.


This month I’m talking about:

  1. So Susan Featherlash mascara
  2. Emite Diamond Heart face primer
  3. Philosophy Renewed Hope in a Jar
  4. hey honey Good Morning serum
  5. Dr Jackson’s Facial oil No. 3
  6. SkinOwl Eye+ cream
  7. Emma Hardie Moringa cleansing balm

I’ll take them one by one, there are some brilliant products in here and some distinctly average ones too.


I don’t remember where I picked this mascara up from, I think it must have come in a Look Fantastic box that I didn’t review, but I love it. I’ve been really impressed with all of the So Susan products I’ve received in beauty boxes over the years, although I’ve never actually bought something from the brand myself.
I would make an exception for this mascara though, it lasted me ages even with using every day. It left my lashes well defined and lengthened and it also didn’t form clumps – and I hate clumpy lashes. It was even working fine when I eventually threw it away but I had had it on the go for about 4 months at that point and thought (in the interest of hygiene) it was probably time to get a new one.

I’ve moved on to an offering from Revlon so I’ll have to see how they compare.


The Diamond heart base primer by Emite was in my November Glossybox last year. I had other primers on the go and never really got around to using it until early this year and even then I hardly ever use primer.
It’s finally empty though and I’m very underwhelmed. I didn’t find it had any effect on skin tone at all and just seemed to provide a slightly tacky texture that must allow your makeup to stick a little better.
There was no ‘glow’ with using this product either so I can’t get behind any of the claims on their website. Save your money and don’t bother with this one.


Third on my list is a full sized Philosophy moisturiser. Now I’m not a fan of pots you put your fingers in, you are much more likely to introduce bacteria and get things breeding in there. It’s not so bad if you then use the product up fairly quickly but you shouldn’t open up a pot like this, use a bit and then leave it for months before opening again. Gross.

I thought most brands had moved away from this sort of packaging so I was a bit disappointed to see it. Other than that the formula is okay. It’s very light and sinks in really quickly. It left my skin feeling nice and soft and the ingredients list shows that it also contains AHAs so will exfoliate skin and leave it smooth and refreshed.
I didn’t hate it by any means but I wouldn’t choose to buy it again when there are other moisturisers I’ve liked a lot more.


So next up is the Hey Honey Good Morning serum from my March Glossybox.
I put this on every morning under my moisturiser when I was using it and I didn’t notice many benefits. It didn’t smell of anything much, which I liked as strong smells on my face are quite a turn off.
I think it was an extra layer of moisture but nothing compared to some serums I have tried. My current product is from Tata harper and blows this one out of the water, although for the price difference I would hope so!
If you are looking for a fairly priced serum (£28.81 for 30ml) then this is pretty good.


This month I also finally finished my little bottle of face oil from Dr Jackson’s. This came way back in my Tatler for Birchbox box. I have been cracking this face oil out whenever my skin has felt in need of a little TLC which is why it has lasted such a long time.
It’s a lovely product and smells wonderful, plus it looks fab sat on your dressing table.


Another empty this month was my eye cream from SkinOwl. This is from my very first Caroline Hirons box with Cult Beauty. I was a bit worried about this the first time I used it as it caused the skin around my eyes to tingle which didn’t seem very soothing, but it stopped after a couple of uses. It smells like cucumber which is pretty perfect for a soothing eye cream and it sinks in really quickly.
However I wasn’t very keen on the texture, it’s more of a gel than a cream, and if you’ve used an acid they seem to break this down when you apply it to your face and it becomes very watery.
I also like my eye creams to feel quite nourishing and this is just a bit light really. For £36 a tub I think I’d rather pick something else.


My last product in this review only showed up a little while ago on the blog. It was in my last Caroline Hirons and Cult Beauty collab. This cleaner was raved about by Caroline but I’m afraid I’m going to have to disagree. It’s very heavy, and even with using a cloth to remove it I feel like there is a layer of residue left all over. There’s definitely some as it leaves a really nasty taste on my lips for a while.
I also didn’t find it agreed with my skin at all, I had loads of horrible spots appear along my jawline the whole time I was using this. I’ve moved on now and they are starting to fade again.
Plus it’s pricey (£38 for 100ml) so I definitely won’t be using that again.

And that’s my May empties finally up! My Glossybox arrived Friday so look for my review of that coming soon too.

Until next time



2 thoughts on “May Empties

    1. Hi, thanks for reading.
      I was really quite disappointed, maybe I’m awkward as in pretty much every other review I’ve seen people love it.
      I’m using the Oskia renaissance gel at the moment and my skin has cleared up completely! I can highly recommend that one.


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