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June Glossybox 2016

Hi Glossies
It’s that time of the month again…unboxing time!

I’ve been a bit of a whinger about my Glossybox for the last few months so let’s hope this month we can be friends again. The box this month contains four full size products, plus there’s a bonus 6th product so it’s looking promising.

June Glossybox 2016

Not bad eh?

The first sample I noticed was the full size Konjac sponge from Spa to you.


Supposedly the latest trend in Japan and Korea, this sponge is for cleansing your face or body. It is part exfoliator (but more gentle) and part washcloth. I’m not really sure why it was packaged damp before sending to us? There’s no claim of added serum on the packaging or the information card but I’ve given it a go and I can say I quite like it. I think I’ll end up using it in the evenings with my second cleanse step, after my first cleanse has removed all of my makeup. I feel like the gentle exfoliation will help with the absorption of my serum and cream afterwards.

Ladival June 2016

Another sample that was very hard to miss was the full size Ladival sunscreen. I was particularly pleased with this because I’m off to Italy next month with the boyf and sunscreen is expensive! Thanks Glossybox for saving me the cost of a full bottle. Plus it’s SPF15 which is my go to factor so it couldn’t be more perfect, although I can imagine this isn’t strong enough for a lot of people out there.


In keeping with the summer sunshine theme we also received this full sized after sun from De Bruyere. It smells amazing! I want to use it all as moisturiser now but I’m making myself wait until I go away so I don’t waste it.

The last full sized product this month was the Lip and Cheek tint from Emite makeup. 

This reminds me a lot of my Stainiac from theBalm but in a much bigger tube. It’s a lot less purple than it looks in the packaging and leaves a nice subtle stain on my lips after one swipe. It seems to build too so it’s not just for low key day-time makeup. These things are always marketed as lip and cheek stains but I’m not brave enough to use it on my cheeks ever. If you’ve found a way to make that look natural then please do a tutorial and tag me because I always look like I’ve been painting my face with doll makeup when I give it a go.


This little tube is designed to refresh and de-puff your eyes in the mornings. It also contains shimmery bits to brighten.
Maybe I need to have a really late night to get some serious bags under my eyes or go see Me Before You (tearjerker alert) in the cinema before I test it to see if it does anything, but on my normal eyes I didn’t really notice any difference in the mornings. So this one was a bit of a dud for me.


Last up is the bonus product this month, a sachet of deep conditioner from Aussie. I think we’ve probably all used this before, it’s been around forever but it works so I’m not complaining. I used to use this mask on my hair all the time when I wanted a shot of softness and shine so I’m quite happy to get this in my box.

And that’s it for June 🙂 I’m much happier with my box this month, I feel like they’ve included good samples that I will actually use. Did anyone get anything different in their box? What did you think this month?




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