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July Glossybox 2016

Hi Everyone,
This month’s Glossy post has been delayed as the box arrived just before I set off to Italy on holiday (posts coming soon). However I arrived home last night and I’m getting right back into the swing of things with this review.


July Glossybox contents

July’s box is all about that summer glow so let’s delve a little deeper shall we?

The first product out of my box this month was the HairOn detangle brush.

HairOn detangle brush

It’s of a similar ilk to tangleteezers and the like so I can see how it could be useful on holiday by the beach or the pool. As I’ve mentioned before my hair doesn’t really do knots so it’s pretty useless but at least it fits the theme. The last time I received one of these brushes in a Birchbox I gave it away so I’ll see if there are any takers this time around too.

My next product was pretty hard to miss as it was a full sized deodorant.

Soft & Gentle Hair minimise

This offering from Soft & Gentle is supposed to minimise hair growth so again, I can see the link with summer holidays. No one wants stubble by the pool if you can help it. It smells clean and fresh, although I haven’t noticed any difference in hair regrowth but you can always use a deodorant so I don’t mind it. I just wish it was something a bit more exciting.

I don’t know about you guys but I subscribe to beauty boxes for new discoveries and products I might not think to try myself. A can of deodorant, however useful, doesn’t really fit the bill for me.

The next item out of my box was the UTan & tone Norishing night cream.


Again, this fits the theme perfectly, whether you’ve been away and want to prolong your tan or aren’t going anywhere but still fancy looking a little sunkissed, it should work for anyone.
My face is always the least brown part of me, plus with regular acid exfoliating, any tan I do have will probably disappear really quickly so I’m grateful for this to use on my face at night. It doesn’t have that distinctive fake tan smell which I’m very grateful for and it feels just like a normal moisturiser. Big thumbs up from me.

Next up, the Super size fat last mascara from Collection.

Collection Fat lash mascara

My Revlon mascara from May’s Glossybox died a death on holiday so it’s the perfect time for the arrival of a new mascara. It seems to be alright so far, basically my lashes but better, which is just how I like it but for a mascara that proclaims loudly on the packaging to be supersize it falls a bit flat.
If you’re looking for super-sized, out-there lashes then it probably isn’t the one for you but if you want a cheap (£2.99 in Superdrug), decent mascara for everyday use it’s great.

The last item in my box this month was a Blank canvas makeup brush.

Blank canvas makeup brush

This one has a flat end, which is perfect for applying liquid foundation and getting a flawless finish. I didn’t have a brush like this in my collection so I’m very pleased with it. I’ve not had many chances to have a play with it yet but so far I’m finding it easy to use and the brush has stiff enough bristles to be able to stipple it across the skin easily.

Apparently I’ve been signed up to Glossybox for a whole year now! And so they also sent me a little Glossynotes notebook.
Glossybox note book

Not to sound ungrateful, but I would have much preferred an extra sample in the box or something. I’ve recently started my very own bullet journal so all other notebooks are now useless to me but it’s a nice touch.

SO I know I’m late to the party but how did your Glossybox compare to mine this month? And what did you think?

Overall I’m happy with this month’s box and I think they did a good job of sticking with the theme too. Can’t wait until next month!



8 thoughts on “July Glossybox 2016

  1. I just cancelled my Glossy box last month but this one wasn’t too bad. I can see what you mean that everything fits the theme though also agree about deodorant. On the plus side you’ll probably use everything so there’s that! Xx

    Liked by 1 person

    1. They did have a particularly bad run a few months ago, I was thinking of cancelling too.
      The last two months have been pretty good so I’m looking forward to the next one.
      Which boxes do you get now? X

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I actually really liked my June one but it was time to get a break from it because I realised I’m the least excited for it.
        I still get the Birchbox, Cohorted, My Little Box and one stationery box called Papergang hah so in other words – plenty haha xxx

        Liked by 1 person

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