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August Glossy box 2016

Hey wonderful peeps,
I’ve been so terribly lax when it comes to posting recently but that’s because my laptop finally gave up and went kaput on me. I had to wait for a weekend with my boyfriend so I could nab his student discount, and then I ordered a shiny new Mac! I’ve finally succumbed fully to the Apple brainwashing.

All this is by-the-by, and my point is I can finally start posting again, and what better to start with than an August Glossy box review.
This month’s box was designed by Rae Feather as a celebration of Glossybox’s 5 year anniversary.

August Glossybox 2016

The box contains five items and I saw a sneak peak this month that made me very excited for them all to arrive. Plus we had the opportunity to pick one. The suspense is killing me! Let’s check them out properly.

Glossy box Aug 2016

My initial impressions were a bit ‘meh’ when it came to the bag but I was still excited about the rest. Let’s get the bag out of the way first shall we.

Rae feather makeup bag

It’s pretty disappointing. The info card that comes with the box states that this little bag is supposedly worth £20! If you are paying 20 squids for this you are being ripped off. It is lined but it just looks like a cheap little fabric bag. I would so much rather have had another sample.

‘Still’ I thought, ‘look at that face brush’. I’ve wanted to try one of those since feeling how soft the bristles were of the Clinique cleansing brush in Selfridges. The one in my Glossybox was a Deep Pore Facial Cleansing brush from Spa To You.

Spa to you cleansing brush

Unfortunately I’ve given it a few goes now and it’s really rough and scratchy. The bristles are made from what feels like plastic and they hurt a lot when brushing it over my face, even when being as gentle as possible. After about two uses I also noticed it was giving me rough, dry skin across my nose and I think that was due to damage beneath the top layer of cells. I cannot recommend this for anybody, sorry Glossybox but I think it was a very poor choice.

cowshed lotion

One sample I did like a lot was this Wild Cow body lotion from Cowshed. It smells lovely, although mostly of lemongrass. I didn’t really get the other notes coming through but it left my skin feeling soft soft soft and soaks in straight away with no greasy feeling. Definitely useful in the summer which is the only time I get my legs out.

Mudmasky facial detox mask

I had some mixed feelings about this one. This is the Facial Detox Purifying Recovery Mask from Mudmasky. My first thought was that it had a rather long name, then I squeezed some out of the tube and I thought there was something wrong with it as there are huge lumps of black bits that look like bits of leaves or other organic matter.
Then as I went to put it on my face I noticed the smell, which wasn’t strong but also wasn’t pleasant.
In the interest of readers everywhere I smeared it all all over my face anyway and waited the specified amount of time (which is weirdly specific on the tube).

Despite all my misgivings, after I washed it off I actually thought my skin felt lovely; really soft and fresh. So I’m a surprised fan of this one but I still don’t like the smell very much. I can’t put my finger on it but it smells ‘off’. If I’m honest there are much nicer clay masks out there and considering this is £60 for 60ml I would save your money but as a sample I don’t mind it.

I’ve saved the best for last.
So a little while ago Glossybox sent out a questionnaire asking what our favourite sample had been and the winner was the MUA eyeshadow palette from our November Glossyboxes last year.
Then there was another email announcing that we would all be receiving another one in this month’s box, but that there were four to choose from and we could pick our favourite.

I selected Heaven & Earth.

MUA eyeshadow palette

I thought the 12 shades were all really wearable, and I’m a sucker for warm, bronzy/goldy tones.

The top row contains: Aurora, Amazonian bronze, Babylon, Myan dust, Valley and Golden sand. Seen below from left to right.

top row, MUA heaven & Earth

The bottom row contains: Rift, Amber dune, Catacomb, Tectonite, Canyon and Bedrock seen below from left to right.

MUA Heaven & Earth bottom row

I’m really pleased with this palette, I’ve already taken to using the shades on a daily basis. I think my favourites so far are Amazonian Bronze and Canyon. They all blend nicely together and although some of the paler ones look very much the same, the rest are all really nice colours.

I think my happiness with the palette makes up for what is otherwise a less than average box. I would have expected something slightly more exciting for a 5th birthday box really.
Am I being too harsh? If you get Glossybox what did you think? And did anyone like that facial brush?!

Now I’ve got the laptop up and running I plan to post some photos from my Italy break, and I have a ton of empties to get through so I’ll be seeing you all soon.

Until next time


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