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September Glossybox 2016

My Glossybox landed on my desk today, I was really excited as I saw the spoilers for this month and they looked great. This month’s box is in collaboration with Red magazine so naturally we got a bright red box! I think it looks pretty fab.

September Glossybox 2016

September Glossybox products

The box contains 3 full-size items and two pretty generous samples, plus a bonus Body Shop tester.


The first thing I did when I got home this evening was a quick double cleanse so I could whack this Vitamasques mask on to tell you how I feel; and I feel good!
It’s reasonably priced compared to other sheet makes and I love the fact that it comes in two pieces so you can overlap them and get the right fit rather than the baggy mess my sheet masks normally turn out to be. It claims to hydrate for up to 120 hours afterwards which I find hard to believe but it’s been 6 hours now and my skin is still feeling very moisturised and plump.
The hydrogel feels like a slimy polymer but it does seem to hold more product than normal sheet masks, and doesn’t dry out as quickly so I’m a fan.

Too Faced Better than sex mascara

This Better than Sex mascara from Too Faced has lots of outlandish claims on the packaging, if they are to be believed this mascara is going to make your lashes into something from a makeup advert (extensions and all).
It’s not quite that good but it is a nice product. I like the brush, it has a wide set bristles and they really spread the lashes out so that every single one is coated and stretched. All in all a really nice mascara. It’s a lot better than the one I’m using at the moment so I think it’s time to make the swap. The test will come tomorrow when I wear it for a whole day and see how it holds up.

Revlon diamond top coat

Our first full-size product this month is the Diamond Top Coat from Revlon. It’s really good. I used it on my nails today and I think they are just that little bit shinier. More importantly it dries quickly and feels nice and thick so I think it will protect the pattern or colour underneath well.

Rodial Smokey eye pen

The second full-size product is this Smokey eye pen from Rodial. When it says smokey it means smokey. Don’t try to use this eyeliner for anything that you don’t want smudged all over your face. Below I did a few test lines, waited a minute and then ran a finger over them.

No staying power.
That said, it’s nice and soft and glides on effortlessly. I hate eyeliners that scratch and drag on the skin as it’s so delicate around the eye. So for all my smokey eye needs this is the one but nothing else unless you want to look like a panda by lunchtime.

GOSH Long lasting lip marker

This full-size Lip marker was the surprise love in my box this month. It’s by a Danish company called GOSH and is just great fun. It looks like a little highlighter and smells amazing! I wanted to lick it just to see if it tastes as good as it smells (I settled for licking my lips and the answer is no).

It’s quite a bright pink on my arm but its also a bit translucent so it’s less in your face on the lips. So great for just chucking in my bag for a top up when I’m out and about.

This month’s box reminded me why I made the switch from Birchbox to Glossybox. I love that you seem to discover so many more (and different) brands with Glossybox. Plus the items in the box can be used multiple times and there are so many more full sized ones.

There is one last sample to mention. It’s just a freebie tester from The Body Shop that didn’t make it to the product card but I think it’s worth bringing up.

The Body Shop Himalayan Charcoal mask

I haven’t used this yet but it looks nice. It’s part of a new range from The Body shop, I don’t know if different masks were sent out to subscribers but mine is the Himalayan Charcoal purifying mask. Can’t wait to try it but I think my skin has had enough mask action for one night.

And that’s it for the month of September. If you get Glossybox what did you think?
I think I would give them a solid 9/10.
Until next time,




7 thoughts on “September Glossybox 2016

    1. Yeah I saw that. The plumping lip gloss looks nice, although it’s a bit boring to get two lip products in one box.
      I totally agree with your comment that the Body Shop mask would be a whole product in Birchbox. I had the exact same thought! X

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