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October Glossybox 2016

Hi Everyone,
I said I suspected my Glossybox would arrive today and I was right! It cheered me up at work as I had a really dull day today and this evening I’ve played with every sample in the box to write my review for you.

First thing’s first, let’s take a look at the contents.

October Glossybox 2016

It was pretty jam packed box this month, with a surprise 6th sample for which the brand has been kept secret. I’ll leave that one until last.

First out of my box this month caught my eye because it was all sparkly and shimmery and as I’m pretty sure I’m part magpie, I couldn’t resist.
I actually thought it was a nail varnish to begin with but it’s not! It’s actually the Shimmering dry oil from Nuxe.

Nuxe Shimmering dry oil

The info card describes this as a cult product and I can totally believe it! It smells gorgeous but subtle and leaves a shimmer on the skin once you rub it in. The sparkle also really stays put. I used this before showering this evening and once I had showered and rubbed myself dry with my towel I still had glittery legs.

I haven’t tried it on my hair yet but I think it will be lovely for a bit of shine and scent.
It’s £19.00 for 50ml in Marks and Spencer, which I think is quite steep for a body oil but I also think it’s so beautiful that I want it anyway.

Bee Good Facial exfoliator

The second sample I tried this month is from a brand we’ve seen before in Glossybox.
Bee Good sound like a pretty great company, they care about looking after our bees which honestly we should all be a little more worried about and they don’t test on animals which I’m starting to become much more aware of when looking for products these days.
For that reason I’m sorry that I didn’t like this more.
It’s very gentle and so would be suitable for use a couple of times a week but I thought it left my skin feeling quite tacky when I washed it away, almost like there was residue that wouldn’t wash off.
It’s a generous sample size and I’ll definitely keep using it but I’m not sure I will want to repurchase this one.

My third product this month was the Secret Flush Blusher & Lip Stain Duo from Universal Beauty Cosmetics.

Secret Flush Blusher & Lip Stain Duo

It’s really designed more as a blusher than a lip product as it’s so wide and flat, I would never think it was easier to carry this around to touch up my lips throughout the day than a normal lipstick. I do like the colour and the little bit of shimmer for the cheeks though.

Blusher & Lip Stain swatch

The full sized product is £15 according to the info sheet but when I look on the website that Glossybox puts alongside it apparently they only ship to Australia or Malaysia so if you liked it tough luck, soz. That seems like a pretty easy fact that the peeps at Glossybox could have checked but I’m not that impressed with it anyway. I’ve seen practically identical products from MUA for only £4 so save your money if you fancy stocking up as MUA make some really good quality makeup.

Next is another disappointing product. The Lip Parfait by Trifle Cosmetics.

Trifle cosmetics Lip Parfait

This looks like a nice natural shade in the stick but when you apply it it’s just really pale and really unflattering. It’s also really patchy looking, which you can tell from the swatch below.

Trifle cosmetics swatch

I feel bad for keep having bad things to say but the packaging is also really really cheap. The end of the lid popped out when I was just taking off the plastic seal.

Trifle cosmetics broken packaging

Just like a smarties tube! It pops back into place but it’s not very encouraging. I thought maybe they were a cheaper brand and they saved the money on packaging but the lipstick retails for £12.95. Absolutely not worth it. I’m not even putting this with my stash of lipsticks, I’ll see if I know a small child who would like to play with it or throw it, I honestly dislike it that much.

Onto a slightly happier note, our boxes this month also contain a mattifying primer from PS…Pro.

PS...Pro Mattifying primer

This is the new range (well I think it came out back in May) that was released in selected Primark Stores and there was quite a bit of buzz about it.
The packaging is cheap, I find the lid doesn’t fit very well or screw on very easily but the product itself is actually really good. It leaves my skin feeling fresh and super soft and smooth, which is a perfect makeup base. I’m actually really impressed. For £5 you can’t really go wrong, give this one a try!

The last sample is new for Glossybox. They have kept the brand a secret and are asking people to fill out a survey on social media with their impressions. I imagine they are actually getting paid quite a lot for this by the brand as it’s basically free customer research for them on a new product.

Glossy box mystery shampoo

I suppose it’s quite a fun idea and I used the shampoo this evening. I’m pretty sure the brand is Head & Shoulders as that’s what I’m currently using anyway and the packaging is the same but without a label, plus it smells very similar and even the texture and consistency were almost identical, just with a different colour formulation. I can’t say it feels revolutionary compared to the current offerings, my hair feels exactly the same as it did last night after my shower so nice try Glossybox (and Head & Shoulders or whoever you are) but it’s no massive breakthrough in haircare, whatever the info card describes it as.

And that’s it for October, a bit of a mixed bunch. Some I loved, some I hated, some I felt very ‘meh’ about. What brand do you think the shampoo is? I’m interested in hearing your theories. Was your box any different to mine?

See you next time!


3 thoughts on “October Glossybox 2016

    1. Ahhh I’ve just seen. That body shop sample is annoying. Especially when they only sent us something so similar a little while ago.
      I didn’t realise there were so many of the Primark options out and about either.

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