Olé Tapas, Bath

Bath has a special place in my heart as I spent four years there studying for my degree and now my boyfriend is there for his PhD so I still get to spend lots of time reliving the uni days when visiting him. One of the things I always loved about Bath was going out to eat (let’s be honest, I like that anywhere) and the great cocktail bars. This post isn’t about a new place; J and I have been coming here for over a year now, but I do think it is one of the most authentic restaurants you’ll find. If you love tapas then you have to give it a try!

It’s called Olé Tapas and I absolutely love it. The first thing is should probably mention is that the restaurant is tiny, so if you want to visit it’s definitely wise to book. Find the menu here. We have some favourite dishes that we can’t visit without ordering but we also try to shake it up and order something a little bit different every time.

On Friday we started off with the Cortezas de Cerdo (pork scratchings to you and me). This was a new one for us and sadly pork scratchings aren’t really my thing but J seemed to enjoy them.

Cortezas de Cerdo - Ole tapas

The dishes come fresh and piping hot as they are ready so you don’t get everything at once, but I’m not sure everything we ordered would have fitted on the table anyway so it’s probably a blessing really.

dishes at Ole Tapas, Bath

Above we have the home baked bread with oil and vinegar and ali-oli, and then from the top the Calamares a la Romana, Chorizo al Vino and Patatas Bravas, which they warned me was spicy but I thought I could handle – I was wrong. Luckily the waiter suggested we have the sauce on the side, which is why it is in the small dish underneath.
Everything in this picture was delish.

Albondigas - Ole tapas

The Albondigas came shortly after everything above and were really good, they melted in my mouth, no chewiness here. These were a new try and I would definitely order them again.

Bacalao con Tomate - Ole Tapas

The Bacalao con Tomate came out next and was a little bit disappointing. We hadn’t tried this before either but the batter was soggy after sitting in the sauce so there was no contrast of textures. Everything was just a bit soft and wet. The flavour was fine but I wouldn’t order this one again.

Berenjenas Fritas - Ole Tapas

These are the Berenjenas Fritas and are my absolute favourite thing on the menu. It’s aubergine tempura with the most amazing sticky, sweet, honey glaze on top. If I could recommend one dish then this is the one!

Luckily, we held ourselves back and didn’t order any more savoury dishes so we found we had space for dessert this time around.

Chocolate con Churros - Ole Tapas

These are the Chocolate con Churros, and my only gripe is that they come as a 3, which is not an easy to share number, but that’s just me being greedy. They made the perfect, sweet end to our meal.

No picture to go with it but I would also recommend the red wine sangria – it is so drinkable and this is coming from someone who doesn’t like red wine.

If you’re looking for a dinner spot in Bath, why not give Olé Tapas a go?



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