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October Empties

October empties

This month’s empties are mostly of the skincare variety. From top left we have:

  • Ferulic + Retinol eye cream from Dr Dennis Gross
  • Pure Cloud Cleanser from Skyn Iceland
  • Better Than Sex mascara from Too Faced
  • Wake Wonderful night-time facial from REN
  • Purifying Glow mask from The Body Shop

ferulic + retinol eye cream, Dr Dennis GrossIt feels like a really long time since I finished this eye cream, it was way back at the start of October. I originally picked this up in one of the Caroline Hirons/Cult Beauty collabs and a little really has gone a long way! I’ve used it on and off since then (the off being when I’ve forgotten the eye cream step in my routine) and I think it’s okay. My eyes aren’t really my problem area and I don’t see any wrinkles or fine lines yet so it’s pretty hard to judge if it’s having much of an effect. It does feel very moisturising, but my moisturiser covers that and I haven’t really missed it since it ran out.
It’s pricey (£59.00 for 15ml) so I won’t be repurchasing this one just yet, especially as I already have retinol treatments in some of my other products. It does mean I’m in the market for a new eye cream though, so if you have any suggestions leave them in the comments!

Pure Cloud cleanser, skyn iceland

This was also a Caroline Hirons discovery way back in October last year. It’s a cream cleanser and the reason it has lasted me so long is that I don’t use those very often. I tend to prefer oils and balms as cleansers and so I used this only when my skin was feeling particularly stressed, or as a second cleanse after I’ve been wearing a lot of makeup.
It’s a really nice product that feels so silky on the skin and very calming. Another bonus is the affordability too, £22.50 for 150ml puts it in the same price bracket as Liz Earle (£15.50 for 100ml). I’m very impressed with Skyn Iceland and I’m planning to repurchase when my current cream cleanser runs out.

Too Faced, Better than sex mascara

This mascara came in my September Glossybox and I was quite excited as the internet seemed to love it. Unfortunately I didn’t think it was very good. The shape means that the formula doesn’t get scraped off evenly and you are left with way too much on the brush. It also has a tendency to collect at the end and I use the ends of my mascara brushes to help separate my lashes so I just ended up with a gloopy, clumpy mess.
The full priced mascara is £17.10 from Debenhams but I’d rather pay a little bit more for one I get along with. I really like the Benefit Rollerlash or the So Susan Featherlash mascaras.

REN Wake wonderful night-time facial

This is another really old one. It came in my November Birchbox last year and I can’t believe it’s taken me this long to use it all up. My only excuse is I have so many acid based products that it’s hard to decide which one to use at a time.
As a general rule I love REN and this is no exception. I’m still not 100% sure where this should fit in the night time routine when you consider serum, moisturiser or a balm but I tend to put it on last and skip the moisturiser as the facial contains sodium lactate which is a humectant and will do the moisturising for you. The full-sized product is £32 but will last you for-ev-er.

purifying glow mask - The Body Shop

Last up is this sample that was a bonus in my September Glossybox. It was just enough for one go. As soon as I put the mask on my face I could tell there was menthol in it, I could smell it and feel the tingling. It made my eyes water which was really uncomfortable and didn’t smell particularly nice. It was also quite drying, so it would be good if you have oily skin but that plus the menthol meant that I just found it way too harsh.
The Body Shop has a new range of masks that are all £15 for 75ml, which is why the sample was in my box. I quite like the look of the rose plumping mask or the nourishing honey mask.

Aaaaand that’s it for October’s empties. It should be Glossybox day any day now so I’ll be back soon with what’s what in the November box. Until then.



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