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November Glossybox 2016

Hello lovely readers, I’ve been quite slow about getting the review of November’s Glossybox up and I can only put it down to feeling very unenthusiastic about this one.

November Glossybox 2016

The product I was most excited about when I opened the box was the Gold Brightening Facial Treatment Mask from 111Skin. It is meant to brighten, condition and plump and if you bought it yourself would cost a pricey £20!

111skin Bio cellulose facial treatment mask
Unfortunately I thought it was pretty rubbish. The cellulose used for the mask was very thin, and when I opened it up to put on my face had lots of holes in already. These weak points made it split even further when I tried to shape it to my face.
It’s also a ridiculous size. I know they make them a bit big so one size fits all but it was so large it was impossible to cover all the parts of my face at once due to the massive spacing between the eyes, nose and mouth holes.
In addition the serum that it was coated with didn’t seem to do very much at all. It just left my skin feeling a bit sticky and in no way smoothed or plumped. All in all, a big fail. Plus I only just received a sheet mask in my September Glossybox (which was fab and I highly recommend) so it feels a bit like they just couldn’t be bothered to think of anything new this month.

My next sample was pretty hard to miss. It was a pack of three disposable razors from Wilkinson Sword.

Wilkinson sword, disposable razors

I mean…it’s just not exciting is it? We all know what razors are. We all know where to pick some up if we’re running low. The reason I subscribe to Glossybox is because I like the beauty discovery aspect and I also like getting the chance to try out slightly more expensive brands before taking the plunge and buying full size. This is the opposite of both of those things.
Also, they are supposed to smell like raspberries (I don’t know why). But they don’t. Like at all.

My next item was another tool. The Large Tapered Blending brush from Ruby Professional.

Large tapered blending brush - Ruby Professional

If this had been the only tool in the box with all other skincare and makeup samples then I probably would have been fine with it. They’ve sent us plenty of brushes before but there’s nothing wrong with this one. It’s nice and soft and blends eyeshadow quite easily.
However this plus the razors just made the box really empty of anything I’m interested in this month. We’ve all got an eyeshadow brush, you don’t really need that many so it’s a bit useless and again, just felt like no one was really trying with this box.

A slightly different sample in the box is a pillow spray from This Works.

This works, deep sleep pillow spray

Is this was anything but lavender I would have quite liked it, however I hate the smell of lavender. I tried to use it and it just gave me a pounding headache which made it even harder to get to sleep! Nightmare.
It’s also a bit annoying as it makes your pillow feel damp, so if I used one of these again I would probably spray the pillow underneath or the duvet instead.

Sorry to be all “whinge whinge whinge”. The one sample I did quite like this month was the Jumbo eye pencil from De Bruyere Beaute.

De Bruyere Beauté Jumbo eye pencil in bubble

The colour is really nice. It’s neutral but shimmery which will be nice for party season. It’s also subtle enough that you can wear it out and about during the day without looking like you’ve gone way OTT. Below is a quick swatch. I’ll definitely get plenty of use out of this.

De Bruyere Beauté swatch, Jumbo 007

So all in all I just wasn’t very pleased with this box. They did chuck in a free chocolate though so it’s not all bad…(sorry no picture, it didn’t stick around that long, but it was one of these). Am I being too picky? Did anyone else get this box and love it?
If you have thoughts then I’d love to hear them.

I’ve also ordered the Limited Edition Glossybox with Wendy Rowe which is worth a whopping £138 so keep your eyes peeled for a review on that soon. (It shipped today, eeeeeeee!)

Until then, X



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