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November Empties

Hey guys,
I know I know. It’s hardly November anymore is it? But there’s something in here that I really wanted to write about so I’m sorry I’m so late but indulge me?

November Empties

The sample I was most excited to write about is the Hydrating Milky Mist by Pixi. This discovery was due to my Cult Beauty box by Anna and Lily and at first I really wasn’t convinced. I didn’t really see the need for a spritz when I already have serums and moisturisers in my skincare routine, I mean how much hydration does one girl need?!

Hydrating misty milk, Pixi by petra

It’s actually really useful though. I like to use it morning and evening. It soaks right in so is a nice extra hydration layer in the morning and it smells lovely so is very soothing in the evening when I’m getting ready for bed. I also find my eyes get a bit dry sometimes when I’m wearing my contact lenses and a quick spritz of this gives instant relief. If you haven’t tried a hydrating spritz you don’t know what you’re missing!

Continuing clockwise the next product is the The Righteous Butter by Soap & Glory.

The Righteous Butter, Soap & Glory

I mostly just wanted to prove to you guys that yes you really can finish those massive tubs of moisturiser! If we really put our minds to it we can do anything. Haha
In all seriousness though it’s a really good moisturiser. I got it as part of a Christmas set a really long time ago and I’ve only just finished it. I took it on holiday to Italy with me and used it as aftersun and it was really good for that too. If you’re looking for a reasonably priced, hard working moisturiser you can’t go wrong with this.

Next up is the Renaissance cleansing gel by Oskia. This is another one from the Anna and Lily Cult Beauty box I mentioned above.

Renaissance cleansing gel by Oskia

They really raved about it in the leaflet for the box but I don’t think it’s anything too special. It’s a gel that you rub on your skin and it becomes an oil. When you wash off with water it emulsifies and so turns into a ‘milk’. When I used this I found I got lots of little bumps under the skin along my jawline. I’m not 100% sure this caused them but I suspect it did. It’s £30 for the full sized product on Cult beauty but I won’t be repurchasing.

There’s a real mix of product types this month. The next one is a concentrated hydrating serum from Odacité.
Concentrated serum by OdacitéThis one was in my very first box from Caroline Hirons and Cult Beauty and I absolutely loved it! It’s pretty pricey £33 for 5ml (swoon) but you only need one drop in with your usual moisturiser to leave your face feeling totally quenched and supple. I’m also a sucker for anything that makes me think of chemistry/alchemy like this packaging does and I really really wish I could afford to have every single one lined up on my bathroom cabinet. There are loads of different serums to address almost any beauty concern, so take a look and see what’s out there. I can’t recommend this one enough.
I’m currently testing a similar product by Nip and Fab but I already know I don’t like it as much. 😦

Last up this month is a mascara by Model Co. (Told you it was a well mixed bunch).

Model Co Powerlash

I don’t remember which box I got this in now but it was a sample from somewhere and it was pretty rubbish to be honest. The packaging was really cheap and the lid came apart, which made it very hard to open. The formula was also disappointing as it was really easy to smudge and I looked like a panda by the end of the day when I wore it. I didn’t wait for this sample to be finished, I’ve just chosen to throw it and move on to a different mascara instead. Don’t waste your time/money on this one.

So this was short and sweet I know, if you’ve never tried a spritz then do it! And if you come into a lot of money then go check out what Odacité has to offer. My December Glossybox review will be up in the next day or two, can’t wait to see what people thought of that. Until then




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