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December Glossybox 2016

December Glossybox 2016Ahh December. It feels like it’s taken forever to come and now it’s here it just seems to be disappearing. I break for Christmas this Friday (!) and when I come back there will be a new glossy box on its way. Crazy.

This month’s Glossybox was pretty good, I wouldn’t say they pulled out all the stops (which I was kind of hoping for as it’s Christmas) but I’m happy with my samples.
We had the option to choose our first one, which is the MDMflow Semi-matte lipstick in Vamp.

MDMflow semi-matte lipstick in Vamp

MDMflow, vamp swatch

I love the colour of this. I’m so glad I didn’t play it safe and go for the neutral colour. The finish is also lovely, it’s so velvet-y. I’m a big fan and I plan to crack this out a lot over the festive period.

As an accompaniment to the lipstick, Glossybox also included a vial of Lipcote in our boxes this month.


I’d never used this until I tried it out at my work Christmas party but I have to say it’s really good. It did spoil the finish of my lipstick a bit, it wasn’t that it made my lips shiny, but it seemed to dull the matte texture a bit.
This is only £3.99 so I think it’s a great return for such a small investment. I hate touching up lipstick when I’m out and anything that means I have to do it less often is a winner in my book.

My third product this month is a Revlon nail varnish in Valentine.

Revlon nail enamel in Valentine

It’s a nice Christmassy red, which I think the team at Glossybox were aiming for when they chose it, but then again maybe everyone else got a different colour? Shout out what yours was in the comments. Revlon nail varnishes have always been good for me so I’m very happy to get this one and it’s full sized which is always nice.

One product I’m not too convinced by is the ‘light up your face luminizer palette’ by Essence.

light up your face luminizer palette, Essence


This is a pretty cheap brand (which is not a bad thing! My favourite eyeshadow palette is by MUA and they are very budget friendly) and the shades feel quite cheap to go with it. It took a lot of work to get them to show on my arm so the pigmentation isn’t very good.
I also don’t really see the need for a highlighter in 3 tones. I guess it means there’s something for everyone but I’d rather get one that was slightly better and have them just read our beauty profiles for the right skin tone.

The last sample this month was all a bit of a weird one for me. It’s the Collection Cosmetics Define and Perfect eyebrow powder.

collection cosmetics, define and perfect eyebrow powder

You can see what it looks like in the picture above with the highlighter. So for starters it’s quite pale and my eyebrows are very defined naturally, I’ve never felt the need for a product to fill them in. I also thought a powder sounded very messy and like it wouldn’t have very much staying power.
Although I don’t really need this one I gave it a go anyway. The colour was actually surprisingly good even on my really dark brows and it applies very easily and does stay put. If you were relying on it to draw your eyebrows in I don’t think it has enough definition or precision, but if you just want to fill in some patchy areas or darken them slightly then it’s actually a pretty good product. I’m probably not going to keep it though, no need.

Which leads me nicely into a really great thing Glossybox are involved with this month. It’s called Give & Makeup and supplies women who have fled domestic violence with toiletries and makeup. I’ve heard about it before as I follow Caroline Hirons and she is heavily involved and I think it’s a really nice way to do something small for someone else. I have a box of samples and toiletries that I never liked or didn’t need and I’ll be boxing it all up and sending it along. Why not use an old glossy box to pack it in?
If you want any more information you can find it at

And that’s it from me this month. What did you think of your glossy box? Was it different to mine? I think there were some good samples in there although I would have preferred a bit more ‘wow’ for Christmas.

Until next time



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