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January Empties


I’m so looking forward to summer. Sure the warm weather and barbecues will be lovely, but it also means longer days and enough light to take decent pictures for this blog. The reason we’re halfway through Feb and I’m only just posting this now is because I was away last weekend and the weekend is the only time I see real daylight at home at the moment.

Excuses done.

So this month I finished seven products:

  • Essential Hydration Cream from AlphaH
  • Black Rose Cream Mask from Sisley
  • Nourishing Night Cream by Utan and tone
  • Mary-Lou Manager highlighter from theBalm
  • Clear Skin Daily Face Wash from AlphaH
  • Aromessence Néroli Hydrating Oil Serum from Decléor
  • Infallible 24 Hour Matte foundation by L’Oréal

I’m always excited to finish any product and there are some amazing ones in this round up. Part of the reason I like writing these posts is it helps me focus my thoughts on a product and why it did or didn’t work for me so it’s saving me buying something similar in the future and realising I hate it. To this end my first empty is something I won’t be repurchasing because it’s just not the one for me. I’m talking about the Clear skin daily face wash by AlphaH.

AlphaH Clear skin daily face wash

This was part of a set from Cult Beauty that also contains a hydration gel and blemish gel. It was just too harsh on my skin. I’m learning that even when my skin is playing up and going crazy on me it responds better to gentle cleansers and nourishing creams and this set was stripping too many oils from my face and not replacing them properly with the hydration gel.
That’s not to say it won’t work for others but sadly not for me. I still haven’t found that magic fix product to give me perfect skin.
This is £18 on Cult Beauty so not too expensive to try out if you think oiliness is your problem.

The second AlphaH product is much more to my liking, this is the Essential Hydration cream.


I first tried this when it was included in a Caroline Hirons box and liked it so much I decided to repurchase. I still really like it as a daily moisturiser, it sinks in quickly and leaves my skin nice and hydrated without any greasiness or shine. I had a bit of a problem with the packaging in that it stopped dispensing any product but Cult Beauty were great and sent me a new one. I’m working my way through a few moisturisers at the moment post Christmas but I think it’s very likely that I’ll repurchase again.
A 50ml pot is £35 on Cult Beauty and lasts a good few months.

I’ll stick to the skincare first, which means up next is the Sisley mask.


This came in the Wendy Rowe Glossybox back in November. It was quite a small sample (10ml) and I think I only got two uses out of it. It is unusual as a mask as it’s a really thick, heavy moisturiser that you don’t wash off. You are just supposed to wipe off any residue after 10 mins.
As I said in my review then, I thought my skin felt horrible by the end so I used a cotton pad wetted with toner to wipe off the residue. That did a slightly better job at actually cutting through all the stickiness. My skin did feel very nice after using it but when you consider the price of a 60ml full size product (£99) there’s no way I will be repurchasing. Sorry Sisley.


This month I also finished a product that came from a Glossybox back in July, a night time moisturiser from Utan and tone. This was actually really nice as a moisturiser but I’m not one for choosing fake tan products so it doesn’t really fit with my lifestyle. I could also smell that biscuity smell you get with fake tan when I went to bed as it was all over my face and I didn’t like that.
I don’t think I used this regularly enough to see any colour build up as I alternated it with overnight treatments and nourishing balms so I can’t really attest to whether it would give you a natural glow but I understand that a cream that gives you a subtle wash of colour overnight could be very attractive. If you wanted to try it for yourself it’s £25 for 50ml on Lookfantastic.

The last of the skincare products from January is this 5ml Decléor Aromessence Néroli Hydrating Oil Serum.


This was also from the Wendy Rowe Glossybox I mentioned above and I did really like it. It had a herbal smell that was also very fresh and it was a very nourishing oil. I only used it in the evenings as it did leave my skin a little bit greasy so I couldn’t put makeup on top as it would have all slipped off. That was good though as it made it last that little bit longer. The full size product is £46 for 15ml which I know is pretty pricey but you only need a few drops so it will definitely last a long time and there are much more expensive serums out there. I need to see how I feel about the ones I got at Christmas but I would consider re-purchasing this one.

The last two empties this month are makeup rather than skincare. The first I have had for aaaages so it was quite exciting to finally finish it. It’s the Mary-Lou Maniser from theBalm.

MaryLou-Manizer theBalm

MaryLou-Manizer empty

It’s exciting enough to hit the pan on a compact like this. I’m not sure I’ve ever finished something this big before, I would normally lose them first.
This is honestly the best highlighter I’ve ever owned. It’s a perfectly neutral shade so I think it would look amazing on any skin tone plus it blends beautifully and I’ve mixed it with foundation lots of times for a dewy glow. It’s super versatile and I’ve already bought a replacement. I don’t see myself ever being without it. It’s also only £16 at Look Fantastic which is a bargain. It will last you forever.

The last product this month was something I picked up on a whim in Tesco months ago because I’d noticed that my normal foundation was starting to look a bit orange with my winter-pale skin.


It was only £7.99 and I think it was an absolute bargain! I wasn’t expecting too much but the coverage is really good and it stays put. I wouldn’t normally pick a matte finish and I still think it would be too heavy for summer but I also think it works well for the winter. I’m really happy with this one and L’Oréal do another foundation that isn’t matte which I plan to pick up and trial as we go into spring because this was such a pleasant surprise.

And that’s it for January’s empties. I’ve vowed to myself not to buy anything new until I start to make a bit of a dent in the collection of products I have so hopefully there are a few good things to talk about at the end of Feb too.
I tested out the last product from this month’s Glossybox tonight too so I’ll have that review up soon.
See you then

Cesca X


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