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Limited Edition: La Mer Glossybox

La Mer glossybox contents Feb '17

When I saw that Glossybox were collaborating with La Mer for a one off box I set the reminder in my calendar straight away! I’ve always wondered at the type of people who can spend £330 on 100ml of face cream.
For that kind of money surely they must have amazing skin?
I wanted to buy this box as an experiment to see if spending the big bucks really will give you amazing skin.
That’s why I’ve waited a week to post my review; I had to use the products for a while and give them a chance to work. Read on for my scientific opinion…

The box contains a full skincare regimen:

  • The Cleansing Micellar Water
  • The Treatment Lotion
  • The Revitalizing Hydrating Serum
  • The Eye Concentrate
  • Creme de la Mer
  • The Intensive Revitalizing Mask

I like the contents as it’s obvious which order you should use things in, and you have a product for every step in the process so you can fully immerse yourself in La Mer for a while and see how your skin gets on. Let’s discuss these in the order you use them…


The Cleansing Micellar Water is to be used the same as any other, wet a cotton pad and wipe all over your face. It’s very perfumed but also has a subtle alcohol scent which I’m not a big fan of. I’ve checked the ingredients list and there doesn’t seem to be anything to worry about on that front but apparently the formula uses something called ‘declustered water’. Let’s address that at the end shall we?
It leaves my skin feeling a little tacky after use, which is no worse than any other micellar I’ve used so this isn’t a point against it really but this product claims to hydrate and sooth your skin rather than just remove makeup and I’m not sure I can get behind that after a week of using it. 

It’s also £70 for 200ml so honestly, save your money. I like this one from Garnier for a fraction of the price and even then I use it as a first cleanse to get my makeup off. Go back with a proper cleanser to really clean your skin.

The Treatment Lotion Feb '17

This little bottle is The Treatment Lotion. In the routine it takes the place of my usual hydrating spritz. It claims to awaken your complexion and improve uptake of the products that follow.
The application of this was much nicer than the cleanser. It’s not overly perfumed and seems to be an aqueous based formula as I felt no oilyness or greasiness on my skin after use. It sinks in quickly and did feel like an extra layer of moisture. Do I think it’s worth £100 for 150ml? I actually think it’s pretty good value for a La Mer product. 150ml of this will last you for-ev-er as you really do need only two drops each time you apply.
That being said, I get the same hydrating feel from a spritz before I apply my moisturiser so I wouldn’t say it has changed my world.


The Revitalizing Hydrating Serum is the newest offering from La Mer. Unfortunately this is actually the product that I liked the least. It is so perfumed that I’m actually put off using it and has an alcohol-y underlying scent as well.
It’s also aqueous based and non greasy so it sinks into my skin really quickly but for something that has hydrating in the name I don’t think it’s very moisturising at all. I think if I kept using this and only this my skin would start to suffer. It already feels drier around my lips, which is where I start to get dry skin first. I’ve taken to using this only in the mornings and going with something really nourishing at night and I’m having to get the lip balm out all day at the moment.
It’s £145 for 30ml but I’m really not a fan.

La Mer - The Eye Concentrate

The Eye Concentrate was the first sample from the box that I couldn’t find anything wrong with. It’s exactly how an eye cream should be for me. Thick and luxurious but sinks in quickly. It is fragranced but with a gentle, clean scent and it’s subtle unlike the other products.
It’s £150 for 15ml but we all know La Mer is pricey. If you can afford to pay that then fire away but I liked this eye cream from Dr Dennis Gross just as much as I like this one and it’s only (Ha! I know) £59 for 15ml.


This next sample was the product I was most excited to try, it’s legendary. I’m happy to say that it didn’t let me down, the cream is thick and nourishing. There is a subtle scent but nothing overpowering. It takes quite a bit of massaging to get it to sink in fully so I have stopped using it in the mornings but I love it before bed.
My skin feels hydrated and bouncy after using and I’m a big fan. If I were going to pick one item from this box to purchase then this would be the one.
The cheapest option is £115 for 30ml so unfortunately it’s out of my budget range. Again, I really can’t justify that kind of money on skin care. If you can afford it though this is a good one.


Last in the box is the Intensive Revitalizing Mask. This is the kind of mask where you slather your face in it, allow it to sink in for 10 minutes and then wipe off the excess. I’ve never found one of these that hasn’t made me want to wash my face after using because the excess never wipes off properly and leaves my skin feeling greasy and clogged.

Not this one!
I really loved this mask. I wiped off the excess and patted the residue into my skin and it just felt plump and glowing. The mask is £115 for 75ml, which for a La Mer product is pretty good going. Plus you won’t use it every day so it might actually last you quite a long time.  Although I want the cream above the most, I actually think this product might be the most money savvy to buy as you get more and it lasts longer and still gives a real effect on the skin. I can honestly say I’ve never tried any similar masks that compare to this one.

So after more than a week of using the La Mer routine how did I feel?

Well my skin started feeling drier so I’ve swapped out the serum in the evenings for something a bit more moisturising. I think they missed a trick by no including any oil-based products in the box. I also haven’t noticed any great improvement in my skin in terms of breakouts. They still happen, keeping a good routine helps to minimise them, but this is not news to me.
If you have the money for the products and want to spend it on skin care then have at it but for the rest of us, my conclusion (fortunately) is that the sky-high prices haven’t returned benefits that justify them.

Before I sign off I want to address the ‘declustered water’ that is listed as the main ingredient in almost every single La Mer product. I’m a chemist and I had never heard of this but done some research.
The claims are very vague and hand-wavy and there seems to be some confusion between ‘hexagonal water’ and ‘declustered water’.
To my understanding hexagonal water is described as 6 water molecules that are solely hydrogen bonded to each other. People claiming lots of health benefits from this type of water say that it is vital for cell communication as larger groups of water molecules cannot move through the body in the same way. This is nonsense. Hydrogen bonds don’t work like that, they are strong compared to other intermolecular forces but not as strong as chemical bonds and in a body of water they will be constantly fluctuating.
If it’s impossible to isolate a bottle of water made up of hexagonal water then it should come as no surprise to you that you can’t hold a bottle of water where the water molecules have been isolated from each other to give individual molecules either.
You can isolate these but they are fleeting, with short lives and it would require a lot of energy to separate them out. I don’t know what the people at La Mer do to their water to justify the price tag but there’s no science fact to the claims.

This sort of thing makes me rage-y so even though I liked a few of the products in this box I’m going to have to shun La Mer going forward. I refuse to give my well earned money to companies that use made up science to trick or bamboozle their customers.

Until next time


5 thoughts on “Limited Edition: La Mer Glossybox

  1. This is a great review. I’ve heard things about la mer from rich bloggers but always wondered if it’s worth the ridiculous price. Nice to hear that I’m not missing out on much as I will never be throwing that kinda money on a face cream. Xx

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