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February Empties


Hey Everyone,
Only four empties this month.

  • Garnier Micellar clearing water
  • Dr Jart+ Water Act skin mist
  • Kiko Milano Extra Sculpt mascara
  • GOSH Lip Marker


This product is a staple of mine. It’s really good at taking makeup off, even eye makeup, so I often use it as a first cleanse or take it travelling with me in a little bottle. I like to have it ‘in stock’ in case I need it so I’ll be picking some more up soon. Luckily it’s only £3.33 at Boots for 400ml.


This Water-Act skin mist is so old it came from a Birchbox, and one from 2014 at that! I knew I had to use it up so I’ve been using it as a toner after cleansing. I haven’t noticed much of a hydrating effect which is surprising as they push that aspect quite hard in the product description. It was okay but I prefer a proper hydrating spritz after cleansing so I won’t be re-purchasing sorry Dr. Jart+.


This mascara was from my December Glossybox in 2015, that’s how many mascaras I had to work my way through last year! I’ve finally cleared my backlog though so Glossybox; if you’re reading this, I’m happy to have another one now.
I really liked it. The brush was great at grabbing all my lashes and separating them nicely. There was no clumping and a really noticeable change once I’d used it. It’s also only £3.90 on their website right now (normal price £8.90). I absolutely insist you go purchase this, you will thank me. (I’m getting another one).


Last but not least is this lip marker from GOSH. This was in my September Glossybox last year so it’s my newest sample this month. When I first used it I really liked this, it was a subtle wash of colour on my lips and had a staining effect so was pretty long wearing. It also smelled really sweet and even tasted nice.
However where it lets itself down is the type of product. We all know from experience what happens to felt pens over time, they dry up, and that’s exactly what happened to this one. I didn’t really get to use it as much as I would have liked before it died 😦
I wonder if the company knows this as there are no lip markers listed on their website for sale any more. I won’t be going for this style of lip colour in the future, I think we’re all much better off with something that can’t dry out and stop working.

And that’s it for Feb. Short and sweet I know but I’m pretty happy I’ve finally managed to finish samples that have been kicking around for years – literally!
Don’t worry they hadn’t been opened and I checked them all thoroughly to make sure they hadn’t gone off or separated before I started using them. You really shouldn’t keep products around for years at a time.

Hopefully my Glossybox will be along soon. See you all then.
Cesca X


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