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March Glossybox ’17

March Glossybox '17

Hi Everyone,
My March Glossybox is a little later than normal but it took me a long time to get round to testing all the products and you know I like to properly review them rather than just quickly list what came. Mixed feelings this month, a couple of nice things and a few I’m reallllly not that in to. Read on for all the deets.


I’ll start with what looks like the most exciting product. It’s this eye and cheek palette from Sleek Makeup in All Day Soiree.



Now, we were supposed to get an email from Glossybox before the box came out to let us pick the version of this we wanted but for some reason mine never came 😦
It’s doubly weird as I’ve never missed one of those before but I suppose it can’t be helped. However, this isn’t the version I would have chosen so I’m not very keen on it. It’s just a bit too orange, even the brown came out  with redish undertones on my eyelid. I also don’t think the colours in the palette go together particularly well, the cool shimmer in the bottom left corner is the only cool shade in the palette so it doesn’t blend well with anything else. I won’t be getting much use from this. It’s a shame as I might have liked it a lot more if I had chosen.
£9.99 each at Boots.


This hand cream from Crabtree & Evelyn is probably my favourite thing in the box. I use a lot of hand cream as I have to wash my hands every time I leave the lab at work so my hands would be very dry without some TLC and this moisturiser is perfect. Glossybox have sent out lots of these before so it’s not the most exciting choice but useful and appreciated. It also smells just like spring!
£4.20 online right now (usually £6)


This sample from thisworks was the most confusing thing in the box. The description wasn’t very useful as it only describes it as a primer, however the packaging says it’s a combined primer, mask and moisturiser. Bit weird.
Generally the smoothing effect that I want from a primer isn’t what I want from a moisturiser and the silicones that normally produce it would not be ideal for a mask so it feels like they have tried to jam some mismatched qualities together in one tube.
When it comes to using it; the scent is a little bit unpleasant, I think it smells like it’s leaving a layer of plastic over my skin and it is more of a primer than anything else. I definitely wouldn’t use it as a mask but if you have normal or oily skin you will probably get away with it as a moisturiser too.
Honestly though, I would much rather have one really good moisturiser and a great primer that I can layer over the top when I need to. I don’t think you ever get as good a product when you try to make it do too much. This is £30 for 40ml online but I didn’t love it.


Next up is a full size eye cream from Oolution, which is pretty good. It’s completely unscented and soaks in quickly but it does leave my skin feeling quite tacky which I don’t love. This would cost you €35 online for the full size but I don’t think it’s that good. I much prefer the offerings from Skyn Iceland or Dr Dennis Gross that are out there.


The last item in my box this month was this moisturiser from Figs & Rouge. It’s actually pretty good, I found it really moisturising and it smells really nice whilst still being subtle. The added vitamins are a nice bonus too, vitamin A is excellent for anti ageing and C and E are thought to protect against sun damage.
It’s £28 for 50ml which I think is pretty reasonable, I would use this one again. My only complaint? It has the longest name in the world, the official title is: Hydra-Activ Smart Nutrient Vital Moisture Day Cream. That’s a hell of a mouthful.

So there you have it. I wasn’t too impressed with this month’s Glossybox tbh. If I’d loved the palette it might have swung it but I only really like two of the items in the box. I’m also a bit miffed that they essentially put two moisturisers on the same box. Seems a bit lazy on their part. Hopefully next month will be much better.

Until next time,
Cesca X



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