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June Glossybox ’17

So June’s Glossybox arrived a week or so ago and once again I’m not very impressed. That’s three duds in a row now and I have a ‘three strikes you’re out’ policy with these things so I’ve cancelled my subscription and July will be the last box.
That being said I realised I may as well explain to others what the issues are with some of these products rather than just get cross and refuse to even blog them. So without further ado, the June Glossybox…

June Glossybox '17

The first sample I took out of my box is probably easy to guess, it was the huge one!


This volumising spray from Batiste is part of their new range, they now do nourishing oil sprays and volumising sprays as well as the old fashioned dry shampoo in snazzy new packaging. I won’t use it but that’s only because I have no need for extra volume. I don’t mind them being in the box because it’s full sized and a bit different to the usual offerings but I can’t help but think that if the folks over at Glossybox used our profiles in any way I would have had the nourishing oil based on my hair type and the concerns I said I had. This is really easy to find on the high street it will be in any Boots or Superdrug you wander into for £4.29.

The second product this moth made me very cross.


I’m talking about the face wash from Himalaya. They are taking you for fools; right there on the front of the packaging they are advertising that the product is “free from SLS”.
SLS stands for Sodium Lauryl Sulfate and is a surfactant which is used in the product to make it foam as you apply. It’s not popular with a lot of people as foaming cleansers are quite drying on the skin, stripping it of natural oils, causing it to produce more oil to compensate and thus causing spots.

I have two issues with this product:

1) Turn over the packaging and on the back the very second ingredient after water is Ammonium Laurel Sulfate. This is essentially the exact same thing as Sodium Lauryl Sulphate. The only difference is the counter ion which isn’t the issue with these chemicals.
2) Something that is foamy, in which the second highest ingredient by amount is the surfactant has no place advertising that it helps to prevent pimples.

If you got this in your Glossybox this month, do me a favour (and yourself) and chuck it in the bin. Or just use it in the shower as body wash or something if you can’t bear to waste it. It’s rubbish and more importantly they are trying to trick us and that’s not on.

The next three products are standard Glossybox fare.
The 111 skin eye lift gel is a bit weird. It comes out as a gel but as soon as I try to use it it turns into really runny liquid. It seems fine to me but at £110 for 15ml I’m never going to be buying that.


The second is the highlighter from Manna Kadar.


It’s a little bit too glittery for my liking but I like that the tones are quite pink so it should suit most and might come into it’s own a bit more as Autumn comes on and we all step away from the bronzers. However for £22.50 I think you can find much better highlighters. It’s also quite hard to get hold of unless you are willing to ship from the US or buy off Amazon.
Glossybox do this quite often with products, where if you like them they are then really hard to find which just seems silly.

The last is the Power Plump lip crayon from Sleek Makeup.


This is in a neutral tone ‘Notorious Nude’ so again it should suit most people. It has a matte finish on my lips and is a tiny bit tingly. It’s exactly the same colour as my lips though so I like it and I’ll probably carry it around in my bag as an every day go to.
Only £5.50 as well so considering the price I go from liking this to loving it.

The last product this month is a peel off charcoal mask from Beauty Pro.


You know the ones, smooth it across your skin, allow it to dry and then peel off taking all the gunk in your skin with it.
The thing is, I’ve seen a lot of articles recently which explain that these aren’t very good for your skin in the long run either. You rip off the top layer of skin, remove all the protective oils and can seriously irritate any delicate areas. I’ll maybe give this a go just on the T zone as I do get a few blackheads there but I don’t think I’ll be smothering over my entire face.

As another bonus this month our Glossyboxes include the first four chapters of a book.


It’s summer and people like to read fluffy books on holiday by the beach but this one just screams ‘chick-lit’ from the very first sentence. It wasn’t really my thing.

Hopefully I’ve been fair in my assessment, if you disagree please chip in in the comments but I think the boxes are getting worse and worse. So now I’m in the market for a new subscription, suggestions gratefully received.

Cesca X


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