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June Empties

Hi Everyone,
A lot has been happening since the end of June. I’ve been away for work and done up a new house and moved in! We’re still not finished but I have the internet and a bed now so the essentials are taken care of, time to get my posts up.
There were a lot of empties from June as I was trying to use up as many products as I could before the move.

June empties

  • Zelens – 3t complex Essential Anti-aging Cream
  • Zelens – PHA+ Bio-peel Resurfacing Facial Pads
  • theBalm – Instain Blusher
  • Nip & Fab – Dragon’s Blood Plumping Serum
  • Supermood – Egoboost One Minute Facelift Serum
  • 111skin – Space Defence Bright Eye Lift Gel
  • Caudalie – Moisturising Sorbet
  • La Mer – The Intensive Revitalising Mask
  • Eve Lom – Rescue Mask
  • Theorie de Volcans – Purifying Youth Potion Mask Scrub

So in the usual format I’ll take these one by one.
First up are the two offerings from Zelens.


This anti-aging moisturiser was in my Caroline Hirons and Cultbeauty box of dreams back in December. I’ve been using it on and off since then whilst I tried out other moisturisers but I always came back to this as it is an excellent moisturiser. It sinks in quickly and leaves my skin feeling plump and hydrated.
Dr Lens is active in clinical research which I like, although finding links to any of his papers proves quite difficult and they also do not test on animals which is becoming more and more important to me.
It carries a hefty price tag though, £95 for 50ml on Cult Beauty. I would never have bought this if it wasn’t for the huge discount when buying the box so I won’t be repurchasing unfortunately.


I also finished this pot of acid pads which I have written about before here and here. My lovely friends bought this one for me for my birthday back in September. I like to alternate these with some slightly milder acids so as not to overdo it but they are so good for my skin.
However at £65 for 50 from Cult Beauty they are another one that most of us can’t afford and I find the Pixi Glow tonic almost as good.


Moving away from skincare for a moment, I want to talk about the Instain blush from theBalm. This came such a long time ago in a Birchbox and it has lasted me forever. The colour was perfect for my skin tone and I took it everywhere with me as it was so small and compact. Their blushes are really really pigmented too so you only need a tiny dab on your brush and they stay put. I honestly love it so much I’ve bought a full size one, and I’ll be investing in some other shades too.
Plus, how cute is the packaging!?
theBalm can be found at Superdrug or online at Look Fantastic for £20.50

The next empty is slightly more affordable skincare from Nip + Fab.


I bought this serum on a whim when I saw it in the sale on ASOS but I’m quite ambivalent about it. I usually love Nip + Fab but I just didn’t feel like this one did anything. It wasn’t particularly moisturising and it didn’t feel nourishing. I also have the dragon blood mask and the hyalauronic shot and I think both of those are far more effective. I won’t be re-purchasing this one as perhaps the whole range was just overkill.
Nip + Fab is great for affordable skincare though and I would encourage people to experiment with them. This serum is only £19.95 for 50ml.


This serum from Supermood was in my box of samples from SpaceNK when they had their summer offer on. I spent wayyy too much money with them and got a gift of a summer box with lots of products. (Worth a staggering £275! So re-enforcing my spending habits really).

I really liked this serum. I used it morning and evening and it soaked in really quickly, which is exactly what I want from a morning product as I don’t have time for layers of skincare to absorb. It feels a little bit like its sucking your face in tighter when you apply it so the facelift in the title fits.
At £59 for 30ml it’s not cheap, but it’s also not the most expensive serum out there on the market. I could be tempted to repurchase this one. I have a few more serums I want to finish off first and we’ll see how I feel by the end of those.


This eye lift gel from 111skin wasn’t my favourite product last month. It came in my June Glossybox so I used it up almost straight away. However I didn’t like the texture of the product, although it came out of the pump a gel, I thought it was too watery when it was applied to the face. It is an eye-watering £110 for 15ml and I can’t say that it’s even remotely worth the money.


Caudalie appears a lot in beauty boxes, this sample was in my May Glossybox (which I never actually blogged about as I was so underwhelmed) and it used to pop up all the time in Birchboxes plus there was a sample in the SpaceNK summer box I mentioned above. I’ve never really fallen in love with any of the products I’ve used from them over the years, but I took this to Rome with me in June as it was such a handy travel size and it was actually really good.
I didn’t love the scent, which was much too herbal-y for me but it was very light, which was perfect for a holiday, especially one in which I was hot and sweaty as soon as I walked out the door every day. Plus it kept my skin in a really nice condition even after a plane journey, which normally causes havoc.
It’s £23 for 100ml in John Lewis but can be found in plenty of other places online too. If you have sensitive skin then this could be a really great option for you.


You may remember my post a few months ago about the La Mer Glossybox I tested out. This was one of the only products I really liked in that edit and after finishing it I stand by that assessment. It is a really lovely mask that feels like it just squeezes water and plumpness into your skin. I couldn’t stop touching my face every time I used this (which kind of defeats the point of great skincare) but it is really good.
As I said at the time, it is £115 for 75ml unfortunately, but it’s not a product you use everyday so it will last a good long time. I don’t have a spare £115 to drop on one item though (I wish) so sadly I won’t be buying this one any time soon.

Continuing the mask theme with Eve Lom next.


This was in a set I bought from SpaceNK at Christmas and is very similar to the La Mer mask above. You don’t wash it off, only wipe off the excess after your time is up. It’s also good but left my skin feeling like it had a very thin, impermeable film coating it once I was finished. I had to wipe off the excess with a damp cloth so my skin felt like it could breathe again.
The price is much lower than the La Mer mask, £35 for 50ml or £55 for 100ml on SpaceNK  and I don’t think it’s unreasonable when you consider how many applications you will get out of either of those vs the price of individual sheet masks. However if your skin is easily clogged or sensitive I don’t think this is the mask for you.

The final product is also a mask (of sorts). The mask/scrub from La Theorie de Volcans was in my February Glossybox.


This mask made me a bit rage-y when I first got it as it has a gimicky colour change from  pink to grey, which is supposedly the product ‘drawing all the impurities from your skin’. That kind of hand waving, vague ‘magic’ in a product advert really annoys me.
The colour changes as you start rubbing it in, it’s either a reaction with water or some kind of dye mixed into the formulation which breaks apart and gets spread around as you rub it, it’s definitely not hoovering impurities out through your skin.

All that aside, it’s not a bad product. The exfoliating beads are teeny tiny, so my skin felt lovely and smooth after using it and I think it must have quite a bit of clay in, which always works to even out my oil production. It is overpriced though, €30 for that little 30ml tube (although it is on sale at the moment). It’s also really hard to get hold of, I only found that one link where you could buy it and that’s in French. Not the most practical choice by the people over at Glossybox.

If you’re still with me thanks! And well done. It was a long one this month. So far I only have one empty from July so it looks like I’m due for a short post at the end of this month. Until next time.



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