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August Empties

Hi Everyone! It feels like ages since I last posted and actually; it was. The June empties was my last post. I only had one empty in July so I’ve saved it for a bigger post this month.
I’ve also cancelled my Glossyboxes as I mentioned a few posts back so I’m starting to think about new content as I won’t have that standard monthly post to fall back on. I think it will be good for me though as I’m actually having to put some more thought and effort into the products I purchase, which will make them much more interesting to talk about.

Anyway, there’s a few empties I’m talking about this month, click through for the full post.


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May Empties

Hi Everyone,
I’ve had a little break from blogging. My last three Glossyboxes have been so rubbish I just haven’t even wanted to discuss them and life has been a little manic. Since my last post I’ve been to Mexico for two weeks, Rome, Belgium and I’m currently crazy-busy at work.
However I also have a huge backlog of products I’ve finished off and some are wonderful so I really wanted to put them up.


May empties

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January Empties


I’m so looking forward to summer. Sure the warm weather and barbecues will be lovely, but it also means longer days and enough light to take decent pictures for this blog. The reason we’re halfway through Feb and I’m only just posting this now is because I was away last weekend and the weekend is the only time I see real daylight at home at the moment.

Excuses done.

So this month I finished seven products:

  • Essential Hydration Cream from AlphaH
  • Black Rose Cream Mask from Sisley
  • Nourishing Night Cream by Utan and tone
  • Mary-Lou Manager highlighter from theBalm
  • Clear Skin Daily Face Wash from AlphaH
  • Aromessence Néroli Hydrating Oil Serum from Decléor
  • Infallible 24 Hour Matte foundation by L’Oréal

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